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  1. Compton

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    I'm hopeful that the tourney will take place but totally understand whatever decision is made due to these uncertain times. 83 days away!
  2. Compton

    Marine Surveyor - East Orlando Area?

    He's familiar, I can attest to that.
  3. Compton

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    Looking forward to it!!!! Reservations confirmed
  4. Compton

    Banana River area

    Was this in the Mosquito Lagoon only? I was going to venture up towards Port St. John and south Titusville in the Indian River Lagoon on Friday...was hoping the clear water made its way up to that area.
  5. Compton

    Banana River area

    Thanks for the report. I have easy access to Indian River Lagoon, west of Honeymoon Lake and am seeing the water clear up in this area as well. Fortunately there are some grass beds that survived and are holding plenty of bait along with a variety of typical inshore species. The drop in water temps is certainly improving the water quality, hopeful that the grass rebounds as well.
  6. This is my neighbor, not necessarily in your area but his prices seem consistent with what a friend of mine paid for a survey down in the Keys. $16 per foot for your vessel. https://www.wilsonyachtsurvey.com/rates
  7. Compton

    2004 Yamaha F115TLRC missing at higher RPMs

    If you haven't already, check your spark plugs. They are inexpensive, just throw new ones on if there is any signs of age. I had a similar issue and it was one single bad plug that was misfiring at higher rpm's.
  8. Compton

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    Have you tried Bud N Mary's? Its pricey at around $100 a day I believe since they charge a minimum. Its certainly difficult to find a slip and trailer parking down there, I know your frustration all too well.
  9. Compton

    2200, 2400TRS or Cobia

    For what its worth, this place has aftermarket options. https://marineproducts.net/backrests-bench-seating/
  10. Compton

    Yamaha F150 Hesitates/shutter

    Does the work order state what all was completed/replaced during the 100 hour service? I had similar symptoms with my F90, ran through the complete fuel system replacing filters, cleaning injectors, inspected lines, vents etc. The end issue was a single spark plug with coronation, it was not firing consistently all the time - bad plug caused the surging hesitation similar to what you are describing. Replaced all four and she is back to normal. Try and get in touch with a mechanic that has the software to see if the engine is throwing codes, that would possibly help narrow the focus on what to look for. In my case, no codes were thrown which made for a fun easter egg hunt finding the issue.
  11. Compton

    WTB Pathfinder 23 DV still....

    Just looked at the listing, clearly an old FWC vessel. https://www.boattrader.com/listing/2005-pathfinder-23dv-103607427/ Love the 23DV....one day maybe
  12. Compton

    Moving trailer with golf cart?

    It might be worthwhile to check out how the hitch is mounted to the golf cart. Mine is attached to the rear seat assembly and doesn't do well with much tongue weight.
  13. Compton

    Where to purchase casting platform for 21' MA?

    Blue Point Fabrication in Titusville makes an excellent platform. TNT out of Ft Pierce builds the factory platforms for MBG from what I am aware of.
  14. Compton

    Seadek Sale

    Here’s a hero shot of my lil dude sitting on the SeaDek.
  15. Compton

    Seadek Sale

    I picked up some SeaDek remnants from Fiberglass Florida and installed it on my Gheenoe. Once I cut the SeaDek to shape/size, I used a cheap HF trim router with a bull nose bit and routed the edges. Super easy and turned out really nice. The thinner material may be a little more difficult to route.
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