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  1. Marathon Man

    Simrad Ethernet question

    Temp probes transmit data via NMEA 2000.
  2. Marathon Man

    Trolling motor

    Okay guys, my boat has a perko 1/2/all/ off switch by the main cranking battery in the starboard transom hatch. The switch I am talking about is a single pole single throw rotary switch mounted inside the console. I'm trying to find out how it was originally wired. Because the trolling motor is a tiller control Minn Kota and it is direct wired, (no plug), I believe the switch was installed, either by Pathfinder or a previous owner, to shut off the power to the trolling motor for safety and to protect the circuitry while charging. Just wondered if anyone had a 2001 or similar that might be wired in the same manner. I believe it could have been wired into the jumper or into the positive cable running to the trolling motor, with the same result, which is safety as mentioned above.
  3. Marathon Man

    Trolling motor

    It is a rotary switch mounted inside the console. It has an orange cable and a black cable attached to it. My question is this. Does this switch connect the jumper wire between batteries to get 24v, or, does it connect one lead to the trolling motor. It is not a breaker, it's a rotary switch. Does anyone have a similar year that is wired with this switch?
  4. Marathon Man

    Trolling motor

    2001 Pathfinder 2200V Minnkota Riptide 24v trolling motor Where do the wires to/from the trolling motor switch in the console run to. Battery, trolling motor, or ? One is orange, one is black. Do they connect the jumper between batteries, or do they connect to the trolling motor, and if so, are they the positive or negative. Thank you.
  5. Marathon Man

    New to me '01 2200V

    My 2001 2200V has an anchor locker, but not the starboard plate shown in the photo above, actually a fairly large locker. Also, for installing components and boards in the console or other areas, check out a product line called Weld Mount Studs. They adhere to fiberglass and then provide a mechanical fastening attachment.
  6. Marathon Man

    Livewell latch hardware

  7. Marathon Man

    farewell Abbey

    Thoughts and prayers for Mom and baby.
  8. Marathon Man

    Platinum Trailers

    Has anyone bought or used a Platinum built boat trailer. They are located in central Florida. Website shows good features and what seems like good pricing. Thanks.
  9. Marathon Man

    Cup holdere

    Robocup, multiple options.
  10. Marathon Man

    Grand Kid Sitting

    Nice going Chuck, great job!
  11. Marathon Man

    On board charger wire to short

    NOCO genius wicked smart charger, also offers extension cables that can extend the length of their "charger to battery wires" that are excellent for this purpose. I've had great service out of mine. Not selling them and no affiliation.
  12. Marathon Man

    Yamaha won't crank

    Remove plugs, make sure it turns over.
  13. Marathon Man

    Everglades National Park: Jet Engines Falling From The Sky

    Any Malaysian decals visible?
  14. Marathon Man

    Florida Skiff Challenge

    Stalled out yesterday evening with 6-8' seas, lots of wind.
  15. Marathon Man

    Cowling decal removal

    Redzone1 uses what has worked for me, I think it is way easier and less destructive than other methods that I have used.
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