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  1. Very excited about out 2nd trip to Flamingo this weekend. Looks like just the wife and I this time and I'm going to try to hit new areas as well. Would love to catch a snook this time, a nice BIG one. We will see so stay tuned. P.S. Honesty, as long as I don't catch a catfish I'll be happy.
  2. SeaSerpent123

    Edgar Watson

    We need to go fishing man! We can do a video of it as well.
  3. SeaSerpent123

    Edgar Watson

    I know, it's not a boating trip but since it's in the 10K islands, I thought people would want to see the Smallwood store.
  4. SeaSerpent123


    This weather is killing me! just got the new boat and want to use it but ***, 48 degrees on Saturday blowing from the NW at 15. lol Monday will be slick calm to.
  5. SeaSerpent123

    MBG acquired by Malibu Boat Group

    I know right? I sure hope so!
  6. SeaSerpent123

    December Flamingo trip video

    I could kill my wife for taking that picture. I kepted it for bait but fishing was on fire so I never got a chance to put it out. Will use it for bait on the next trip. I can't thank you enough Dino. Did you see how happy I was not to catch a catfish at the end of the video? lol Ladyfish story: So as I was cleaning the boat, my dad and wife were taking pics and cleaning fish. She pulled all the fish out of the cooler and that's why it's in the pic. lol Like I said, I have gotten more comments on that darn lady fish. lol
  7. Sorry it took so long but editing is a chore to say the least. Hope you all enjoy.
  8. SeaSerpent123

    2021 Islamorada tournament

    Any news on the 2021 tournament yet?
  9. SeaSerpent123

    January in Flamingo

    It's the best 700.00 you will ever spend. I was nervous going to Flamingo about 2 weeks ago but had the FMT. It took the guess work out of the run. You will not be disspointed if you get it.
  10. Nice reds and it sounds like the bite is still on. Wonder if it's still the same after this last cold front.
  11. SeaSerpent123

    Edgar Watson

    We have been looking it up and actually ran by the smallwood store yesterday. Went for a ride on the motorcycle.
  12. SeaSerpent123

    Tour De Hewes

  13. SeaSerpent123

    New livewell ?

    2021 livewell question. I feel stupid for asking but it's a little different than I'm use to having. So on my dash, the switch is a two way switch. One I assume is for filling the well up and the other is to run the pump. In the live well, there is a flow control lever as well. I used it for the first time last weekend. I actually left the fill switch on too long and when I checked, the water was up to the lid. lol I then switched the pump on for the rest of the trip which lowered back down to the top of the pipe drain. No issue what so ever. My question has to do with the flow lever
  14. SeaSerpent123

    Flamingo 12-12-20

    My drive is always south though Miami regardless unless going to Everglades city and I've never been. lol I'll save that for another post. lol
  15. SeaSerpent123

    Flamingo 12-12-20

    It was AWESOME!!!!! I'm still beaming today talking to my dad and family. lol
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