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  1. SeaSerpent123

    Flamingo 7-30-21

    I have a buddy that went to the Keys to fish on a head boat that Saturday. The got back at the dock at 1:00 p.m. and he didn't get out of the Keys until 6:00 p.m. The traffic was that bad coming out because of Mini season.
  2. First of all, I am sorry that I don't have pictures. When the wife stays home, it is just not a priority. The morning started out great, at the ramp at 7:00 a.m. and the bugs were bad. After parking the truck, they pretty much carried me to the boat. My crocodile buddy was sitting on the ramp so that was fun looking over my shoulder while launching. lol That boy/girl is fed well, that's all I have to say. So we headed up Joe and out Shark to fish the falling tide. On the 2nd cast, a snook came to the boat. It was small but what's the saying? "They are all good, just some be
  3. Not a report, just getting excited about going fishing this weekend with my Dad. My wife will be missing this trip as she is recovering from a minor surgery so hopefully Dad and I have a fish story to tell. I'm already joking with him on catfish. Every catfish he catches, he owes me 5.00 and every cat fish I catch, I owe him 5.00 so lets see how this plays out. Wish I heard of more reports out there but not too many people posting it seems. Will try the outside of shark like normal....insanity doing the same thing Dino...but it's a falling tide so lets see. The last time, my dad brought m
  4. Nice report man! Good luck with that stone! Hope you feel better soon and can get back out. This Saturday report coming from me so stay tunned. I'll probably do the same thing...insanity. lol
  5. SeaSerpent123

    Biscayne Bay Jack Attack

    Nice day on the water man! I have a idea where your at, just never tried that area and don't know why.
  6. SeaSerpent123

    The Ghost fishes again !!!

    Nice bimini, I need to get one myself for my skiff. Looks like a fun day and glad your back on the water man. Oh and by the way.....I know that spot!
  7. SeaSerpent123


    We are a family of 4, I don't think he can take all of us. Guess I need a bay boat guide.
  8. SeaSerpent123


    Can anyone reccommend a good charter captain in Ft. myers, FL?
  9. SeaSerpent123

    Flamingo 5-29-21

    It was great meeting you at the ramp as well. Your boat looks great, especially flying by me like I was standing still. I was going 31-32 mph so you had to be doing 50+. Jealous of that, just saying. lol I would love to catch a jew fish, in time I am sure it will happen. Crazy that is hasn't happened yet to be honest. Looks like you guys had a great time out there. Tight lines and until next time.
  10. SeaSerpent123

    Flamingo 5-29-21

    I was surprised in the morning that we didn't have a ton of boats at the ramp. That was a good thing for sure. Saw another forum member but didn't get his name. Hope he did well. As for us, we ran out Shark and worked the outside. Lots of little fish and my buddy in the picture caught the boats first catfish. lmao. Lots of sharks, jacks etc. Hooked a big trout, 22 inches that I didn't take a picture of unfortunatly. We headed back in to WW and worked shorelines. My buddy kepted getting hung up in the mangroves but it was alright, the trip was more for him then me. He finally got a goo
  11. SeaSerpent123

    Taking skiff offshore

    Line was frayed bad, ran across the wreck.
  12. SeaSerpent123

    Taking skiff offshore

    I tried it, current was ripping and the jig was being swepted WAY back. A couple other skiffs out there had the same issue so we all just made passes which worked the best. Had another one on and tied pulling it off with the boat to no avail. Not a single person caught one, we all lost fish after fish or broke rods. Yes, I say another boat break his rod.
  13. SeaSerpent123

    Taking skiff offshore

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