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  1. SeaSerpent123

    Taking skiff offshore

    Looks like a good weekend to take the skiff offshore. This is what I know best so the target will be muttons. Anything else will be a bonus. Would love to hold a BIG wahoo on the bow of a skiff. lol Hope the weather holds for Saturday.
  2. SeaSerpent123

    ENP Saturday April 17

    Thanks for sharing! From the sound of it, you guys did better then most.
  3. I'm trying to join this club but my skeg is only sanded, not broken. lol
  4. Sounds like Outlaw showed you something. hehe
  5. I try to fish two rods at a time which is why I'll use a live shrimp on one and I'll switch from a live shrimp to lures on the other one. So far, the live shrimp out fishes the paddle tales, mirro lures etc.
  6. I'm usually pretty patient but I just left. The action was in that area though and even though I was catching jacks, I bet I could have pulled off 1 nice fish had I waited. I hear you though on learning areas on a negative. I already knew where the bar was and a tree but I know what you mean. Time on water right? Tide will be super low again this weekend. Lets see what if I can make it out again.
  7. Here is our video everyone. As you can see, we should have stayed in the area we started at in the morning. I bet most if not all will say so in this post. Dummy me! I mean I even had a dirty water clear water line with moving tide. All I hooked were jacks but I bet if I had more patience, I could have scored something nice there. I can kick myself in the arse for leaving. lol It was still a ton of fun and it was great to be out there with just my wife. Boat feels so much more responsive with just two people in it. Oh......after hooking the first shark, I put the Lady fish head bac
  8. SeaSerpent123

    3rd trip to Flamingo 3-27-21

    I'll post the video soon. I bet everyone is going to say I should have stayed at the first location longer.
  9. SeaSerpent123

    3rd trip to Flamingo 3-27-21

    Learned that as well taking the test
  10. SeaSerpent123

    3rd trip to Flamingo 3-27-21

    I'm use to catching snapper on the reef and I have to say, even the snapper were slimy as hell. Must be a back country water thing. Every time I go, i learn something new. Would for sure like to explore more, especially closer to the marina like Hells Bay area or near Roberts river.
  11. Well like usual, we got a nice early start and was launching the boat at sunrise. Headed out and made it to the area we have been dong great at. Tide was SUPER low, land out of the water low. lol The area looked completely different and trees were out of the water that I have never seen before. lol Managed a few small jacks and a super small lady fish. I did put the lady fish out and hooked a big shark but of course it broke off. We decided to leave the area and to be honest, I think that's the mistake I made. I should ahve given a little more time but that's in hind sight now. Hit a fe
  12. It was a free service, to make a long story short, they owed me this service so I took it. No money paid.
  13. Only took a month to get my boat back. lmao Man are the shops backed up right now. Getting back at it next weekend for sure.
  14. SeaSerpent123

    ENP trip 3/11-3/13

    You know all the spots sir!
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