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  1. bernieNC

    Hatch in floor will not stay dry (2400)

    It’s not a fish box if it drains to the bilge. Not in my book anyway.
  2. bernieNC

    Hatch in floor will not stay dry (2400)

    That is why I have never been a fan of in floor storage. Fish boxes sure but it stops there for me.
  3. bernieNC

    T-Top Provider for Pathfinder?

    I like my top better than the Pathfinder top. Any good marine fab shop can make you one as good or better with options and most likely for less money.
  4. bernieNC

    How Rough is Too Rough

    At this point in my life if I have to think about it or debate it, it's to rough.
  5. bernieNC

    Hewes with F300!

    Is the 16' ever coming back???????
  6. bernieNC

    Bright Idea

    How long do they burn?
  7. bernieNC

    Wet Anchor Locker

    I have to much rode to hang all of it.
  8. bernieNC

    Wet Anchor Locker

    No. All the rope is under the Dri-Dek , on the floor of the locker, to wick the water that pools there. The Dri-Dek keeps the rode from laying in the pool. When my boat is sitting it holds about 1/4" of water in the bottom of the locker. Tie the wick to the forward edge of the Dri-Dek and run it under it to the drain. The wick is tied to the Dri-Dek to keep from loosing it down the drain from vibration. I did consider double stacking the Dry-Dek but that was not needed. Hope this helps.
  9. bernieNC

    Wet Anchor Locker

    I have a piece of cut Dri-Dek in mine to "keep it off the floor and get some air circulation underneath". Also have about 18" of 1/4" rope tied to the Dry-Dek. About 6/8" lays in the bottom of the locker under the Dry-Dek with about !0" stuck through the drain hole. Don't use synthetic twine for your "wick", you want something absorbent. This works. https://www.dri-dek.com/ West Marine sells it by the square.
  10. bernieNC

    Hewes with F300!

    I walk mine all the time.
  11. bernieNC

    Gas Gauge Question

    or just fill it up and hit reset.
  12. bernieNC

    Gas Gauge Question

    My Command Link fuel gage has been spot on since day one (7 years). Most of the time within 1 gallon. A couple times on fill up maybe as much as 2 off. That could be because of how well it was topped off. No complaints.
  13. bernieNC

    Trolling Motor Length - 2200V

    GO PIRATES!!!!!
  14. bernieNC

    Rod holders again

    You will get good use out of those.
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