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  1. bernieNC

    There goes my weekend !!!

    We are still good in NC, despite the same type of fools all over this past weekend.
  2. bernieNC

    Stealth Charger

    True that
  3. bernieNC

    Power pole question

    Knuckle and yes you can order one.
  4. bernieNC

    Stealth Charger

    That has always been my experience with Danny. Glad he got it sorted out!
  5. bernieNC

    Stealth Charger

    http://www.stealth1charging.com/MANUALCOVERPG/2016 New Manual for DC charger 24-36 .pdf Page 7
  6. bernieNC

    Stealth Charger

  7. bernieNC

    Trolling motor

    My 2013 2200 TRS has one rotary switch. I think, needless to say, there are many variations out there.
  8. bernieNC

    Trolling motor

    My 2013 2200TRS looks nothing like that!
  9. bernieNC


  10. bernieNC


    I think I remember them having pre made pads for that purpose on the webpage, including pricing.
  11. bernieNC

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    Not that I know of. Might what to take a look at the drainage in you anchor locker as well. I use the "wick method", it does help.
  12. bernieNC

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    They have known about the issue for a while. Been discussed here before.
  13. bernieNC

    Jl marine charging system

    Lol....they work and are not $1200. If ain’t broke don’t fix it.
  14. bernieNC

    Jl marine charging system

    That is a 3 year old post on the net and like jh not my experience at all. I too check my voltage (not to mention it is on the nice Stealth gauge so you can see it any time} and they are always level
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