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    Couldn't find what I wanted so I made my own.
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    All new model, not a reintroduction of anything from the past. The running surface (hull bottom) might look somewhat familiar to some of you old timers. Skip
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    Gitcha some of this... PERFORMANCE RPM MPH GPH MPG 1000 5.4 1.2 4.50 1500 7.5 2.1 3.57 2000 9.9 3.6 2.75 2500 19.9 4.9 4.06 3000 27.0 6.2 4.35 3500 33.4 8.3 4.02 4000 39.4 11.4 3.46 4500 44.2 15.7 2.82 5000 50.2 19.9 2.52 5500 55.1 24.8 2.22 6000 63.3 26.3 2.41 ACCELERATON TIME TO PLANE 3.32 0 ~ 20 MPH 4.58
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    was looking at my galleries for a specific pic and ran across these...a few minutes of the outdoors during the times of place and shelter....enjoy
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    The first run video copied from Facebook: RF21_first_run.mp4
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    I'm in!! I can selflessly cover Upstate SC and Northern GA lakes for freshwater fishing and bikini model photo shoots at Party Cove - for the brochure of course. Y'all are welcome to bring the convoy here anytime! Gus and JJ, I could meet up with you guys anywhere on the coast from Little River, SC to Hilton Head, SC to test and fish the all new RF/MA 16, 18 and 21 whenever you say GO!
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    I will volunteer to handle the South Georgia and Hilton Head SC areas with one or all of the models as well. Tarpon and Tripletail season is coming up now....so letโ€™s start with the 21โ€™.
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    You know, there's just not enough enthusiasm around the fact that there will soon be 2 and likely THREE MA/Redfisher models out there. I think people just need to SEE one in their local area. Geeviam and I are doing what we can to stoke the fires, but it sure would be easier if we could DEMONSTRATE the awesomeness in person. Here's what I propose: MBC sends me one of each model, and I'll take the NC/SC geography and stoke the fires. It will be a sacrifice to spend so much time at the boat ramps and on the water generating excitement, but it is the least I can do. Geeviam, aren't you in GA? Would you mind take these three models off MBC's hands and stoking some excitment in the GA/NFL area? I know, I know, you guys are all in awe at my selflessness and commitment to the brand, but, aw shucks, it's the least I can do. I mean, as you know, I like the MA hull so much that I practically rebuilt mine and about broke myself, so it only seems right that I can help bring the new breed into the world.
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    Had a question recently as to whether the release well could hold a 26โ€ Tripletail. I verified that this afternoon.
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    https://galleries.maverickboatgroup.com/Galleries/Hewes-Redfisher-21/i-RZnShmr/A Skip
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    OK then, I ain't going nuts. But, the add sold me twice. Good reply there Skip. Makes sense from the marketing side.. Thanks for the clarification as it makes potential buyers of the product when doing comparisons a little more knowledgeable. I seriously wrote this new boat off with the published weight comparing it to what I own. I will also add that the trailer under the new Hewes will by law require brakes on all axles. It ain't coming in under 3K on weight on any trailer, dual or single axle. I suspect at this point the new boat weighs wet very close to what I fished yesterday.๐Ÿค”
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    Found another good pic of the New Hewes Redfisher 21 on the first run:
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    Nothing like watching the sunrise in the backcountry of ENP!
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    Well done...those were the size of the reds we saw on the flats....but, no love for us..... I"m addicted to the front.....COTO says until I loose 50 lbs, no more poling my fat ARSE around for him.... On the diet this AM. dc
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    General run for me: 1) If you are taking anything over the bow, it's too rough to troll 2.) If you are taking anything over the stern, it's time to go in 3.) If you exit the inlet and see the elephants walking - turn around I've been in some bad stuff off the keys that fired up....yes, not comfortable and I made it back...could I fish in it ? No The boat will take a pounding and she rides well in the bad stuff...the problem is you very little bow rise and because they are light you tend to pitch pole forward on close waves (e.g. coming into an inlet be careful). It's not about the size of the waves, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, etc...it's about your skills, the conditions of the boat and what you are fishing for on the ocean... Out trolling you can easily spend the day in 3-4"s if they are rollers....but, remember, there are always the 3-5 that will be part of that pack. Anchoring in anything more than 2-3 is not FUN !!!....they are light and tend to bounce on top of the waves.....but, with that comes alot of movement in the cockpit. Pic your days....you'll begin to know your limits and what you are comfortable fishing in.... DC
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    They forgot the front livewell! Am I the only one who wants a boat with a front livewell?
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    I own one and can sure answer that question and take a stab at the OP questions too. So will give my .02 to ya both...as best I can. Im an old guy and owned a pile of two brands and one Rhodan. I was in a position for many years to buy MK or MG at a steeply discounted rate and changed them every year. Once or twice I actually made a year without one going in the shop but usually they all had a trip to the shop or 2 or 3 under warranty. Had 3 Ulterra's and MK replaced one under warranty. All saw the shop too often. So much so I had to keep a spare ipilot to used while they were in the shop. But...I use them. Hard. Way more hours on my trollers than my outboards. So...if Lowrance Ghost troller had hit the market with salt version I would of likely tried it too as I was fed up with MK and mostly MK customer service. They have none really for motors in or out of warranty. Remote went bad and they would not let repair center give me one . Nope. Had to wait a couple weeks on them to ship it. Dropped one of the newer ones over and they sink like a brick. Why... Minn Kota why...do you make a remote that dangles from a rope to be used on a boat and won't float ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ. I digress...They were out of stock so 4 weeks to get a new one second go round. Only comes with one so had to keep spares. Maybe power pole service has me spoiled ๐Ÿ˜ All things considered the Rhodan is actually less than the MK. The Rhodan retails for like 100 bucks more than MK and its worth every penny more to me if all things were even. But they are not. The Rhodan is built for the salt and built local to us in Florida. As such every motor is bed liner coated on the foot. Thats huge for those of us dragging over oysters and fishing...well...where the fish are here. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฃ Rhodan also comes pre mounted to a quick release and they include the puck. As well as a Ram mount for extra stability. I think MK quick release is like 75 bucks and I had a quote to have my MK foot bedlinered and it was like a hundred bucks. So...all things considered just on those items alone they include, it evens things out to me. The Rhodan clearly has heavier wiring and maybe I had a bad batch of MKs but my Rhodan is stronger, quieter and uses less battery than the MK. It absolutely holds the spot lock on the spot and with much less hunting and spinning than any MK or MG I ever owned. The MG spot lock is superior to to the MK though. Buddy runs MG and it holds better than MK but that Rhodan is much tighter holding pattern. Much much tighter with milder ramp up. I have 15 months on my Rhodan and have never needed customer service other than ordering new props (see oyster bar comment above ๐Ÿ˜’) every 3-4 months but they are similar to PP's customer service from my calls to them. The motor has performed for me exceedingly well. I run a 24v 80 pounder so I can''t speak to the 36v question but the 24 is strong. Rhodan can tell you why its stronger than competitors. Something to do with how the motor is wound akin to HP being measured at the hub vs on the dyno in theory I guess. Their new motors will have Lowrance connectivity but they don't yet. Not sure if plus or neg but the Rhodan remote is about size of my power pole remote and I have come to enjoy it that size. And it floats ๐Ÿคฃ You do give up the screen and lots of extra buttons and functions. I don't store a pile of routes and the Rhodan 12 memory positions are more than I use. I mostly use the lock, cruise control, steer and power so the simplicity has grown on me. Others will chime in with more I am sure but here in Florida the Rhodan has become a lot more common sight on decks. Maybe other places too as they seem to be modeling power poles service for motors out of Florida that may have an issue. Apparently they are proficient at trouble shooting over phone and getting the part you need out asap. With all that said...I drive a GMC truck, but have owned all kinds of trucks Ford, Dodge, Toyo and each served a purpose and each has had their time to shine same as the trollers.
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    Another stellar day in the ENP yesterday. Mike (InTheSlot12) ran his 18 HPX though the dark, moonless morning. Low tide at Chokoloskee was at about 0600 and boy was it low! We ran the Lopez into the backcountry and it was very shallow leaving Chokoloskee Bay into the mouth of the river. Fishing in a couple of the bays in the backcountry around mangrove islands, oyster bars and mouths of pinch points when the tide slacked, we whacked the snook--over 30 for the day including two very nice ones (28" and 30") that Mike brought to the boat. We also had a few trout, mangrove snapper and jacks and a husky jewfish. And, the second sawfish in two weeks--what's up with that?? Most of the fish were caught on MriroLure Catch 2000 (Mike's new favorite bait) or 2000 Jr. and soft plastics on jigs. White or white/red seemed to be the color of the day. Small white bait everywhere, so I think anything that matches that profile would probably work. Here are a few pictures from the day. 887C2F4E-F3A2-40D9-8ECB-6E33631A13A6.heic
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    Kickin azz n takin names ! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿดโ€โ˜ ๏ธ
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    Yup ! Epic indeed . The snook bite has been on fire , the last several weeks . Many over slots were lost because I am using. 1000 series reel . Oh well , trying to make it interesting . Seven weeks in a row , in the swamp . Off for mothers day . Permit season will be coming right up . Feel sorry for the ramp monsters ...not ! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿดโ€โ˜ ๏ธ
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    Lurem What lake in SC. I remember many a summer day on lake Murray at my grandparents. In the mornings we cut grass planted bushes and did anything my grandfather needed done. All so we could go skiing in the afternoon... many memories but as my brother and I look back my grandfather won out with cheap labor.
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    My grandparents live on a lake in SC and this was there boat. We went there every summer and the whole family could water ski. This is a picture of it and what I learned to water ski behind when I was 8 YO. It had a 35 HP motor and the hull was aluminum. Something happened to the 35 hp and the next summer I went they had a 33HP outboard. Lots of memories for sure.
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    Sad to hear your dads boat is going to its final launching, but I'm glad you had such great family memories with it. I too came from a family of siblings. 3 girls and 2 boys. We grew up boating and skiing in Biscayne Bay and at our camp on the Kissimmee River. My Dad always had boats and always tinkered on outboards. All of our boats were either aluminum or wood when I was young. I even had a 9' APBA wooden hydro with a 9.9 Chrysler when I was 7 years old! I got to get my parents to dig up pics of that thing! One of my favorite boats growing up was one of our smallest. 1979 14.6 DuraCraft Jon boat. We spent countless weekends and hours in the backcountry of the glades and all thru the canal systems of Dade County. We literally wore out tiller engines on the back of that boat. When we got older we moved on to fiberglass and moved into flats boats. My Dads DuraCraft was left to sit in the yard under trees for years and years. A few years back I pulled it out of my parents yard and took it home to assess what needed to be done to get it going again. It was used so much in salt water that 90 precent of the aircraft grade rivets were rotted away or loose. I ended up fully restoring the boat for my Dad (All new bucked rivets, new marine ply transom, backyard spray booth painted and replicated original decals and FL's) One pic shows the boat when I first completed it. The other is a pic of my old man and my oldest daughter a few years ago cruising the oxe bows of the ol Kissimmee.
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    As suggested I called Glenn at FMT and there is nothing you can do is the 2d mode but if you enable 3d a center console boat pots up about 3 times the size of the little black triangle. I have not run the boat with 3d enabled but the chart looks the same. It almost looks like a garmin icon.
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    Good that it is ok, I will never understand why anyone with an outboard used in salt water doesn't flush the engine. Any boat kept in the water at a slip needs to be hooked up to a hose p and run for 10 minutes. If you are trailering run the motor on muffs. I have one in the water and one on a trailer, it's simple to do while you clean up the boat.
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    Eeewwwww, thatโ€™s a good point....better get cracking! Not sure if it couldโ€™ve held that 30โ€ snook last night, outa season on the west coast. BUT....I can say that the boat ran like a champ. Things a fishing machine. Better than new IMO.
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    This topic was definitely needed, and I agree it needs to be taught in schools. I don't think this is the only thing however, look at all the Memorial day sales and advertisements, they don't show a picture of CPL Ryan McGhee KIA 13 MAY 2009 and ask for him to be remembered during their 3% off sale, they don't hang pictures of the fallen all around the store. Unfortunately for far too many, it has become a day off of work, and a day for all the crazies and twice a year boaters to go the boat ramp. I still had people this past Monday say Happy Memorial day to me. I think my response may have been a bit short but I quickly told them, Memorial day is not for me it's to remember the fallen, thank me on Veteran's day.
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    Yes, please remember. And, teach your children. We are not entitled to happiness. We are entitled to THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Brave souls gave their precious lives for us to have the freedom to pursue it. Have a great Memorial Day everyone!
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    I just put one of these in my Pathfinder. Pretty amazing product, great deal. I am not affiliated in any way; just passing on a bargain. I does come with the Active Imaging 3 in 1 transducer, even though the photo is of another. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lowrance-HDS-12-Carbon-With-Active-Imaging-3-in-1-Transom-Mount-Transducer-LOWRA/373001483758?epid=3037960544&hash=item56d89ef5ee:g:SQEAAOSw5B9ex~8i
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    Wow that is a lot lower than I would of guessed . Thanks for settling that round of guess that tune ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ . Joe R
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    a simple piece of foam cut to drop in the front livewell will solve the bait from getting beat around. It kinda acts like a pressurized well. 4"- 6" thick depending on your stack height, but you want a tight fit when the lid closes. Much less sloshing around. Can even be cut it in half for easier storage when not needed.
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    I disagree, BDSnook and I fish together and alternate boats, mine is a 16 RF and his is a 21 MA. The 21 MA is definitely a live bait boat with live wells in the front and back. his boat rides like a greyhound through the water in smooth and rough water, mine is more like a jack Russell terrier bouncing along in any kind of water. We use the front live well on his boat exclusively. It has a large lid opening, seals around the edge and holds a ton of bait. Now, when it gets dicey on the water and it is full some small amounts of water will splash out. Other than that it is a great option for me, a live bait kind of guy. On the other hand when we get into my boat and use the live well the lid opening is WAY to small, it feels like the size of a shoe box lid after being on Dave's boat. It is also in the rear and we fish off the bow using the trolling motor or power poled up. we have to go to the back of the boat every time we need a bait. IMO, this new boat could use a step and front live well.
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    All good points. I agree more with your thinking on this Capt. Troy. I posted the idea as an option because there were already quite a few comments - wanting a forward live well. I remember many days fishing a 25' Seavee with the live bait well in the floor at the stern, and the bait still got beat up - so I can see how having live bait up front could be a harsh environment for them.
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    Send one over. I will gladly donate my time and old Redfisher to compare it to the new.That along with Capt.Troy there would be a good baseline. Of course you could send a new Yamaha 4.2 to put on mine just so it is all apples to apples๐Ÿ˜Š.
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    Finally got the opportunity to get out on COTO's HPX-V 17.... He's got the skiff tuned perfectly for shallow water fishing of Flamingo. It had been years since I've been out on the flats of Flamingo...I've fished the canals and some of the areas out front. Years ago Coto fished all the islands and flats of Flamingo.... We decided to go yesterday, wheels up at 0330 from FLL and at the dock by 0545 along with about a doz boats..... We decided to head out to and begin our day on the flats of Jimmy Lake and had a few shots, but, no love....we moved of this flat as about another 1/2 dozen boats began to to come up on the flat and things were getting a bit busy....we moved to another and more boats....ugggh...by now, we counted at least 20-25 boats within sight...not good. So, we decided to make a move to the outer flats and some of the big islands out front.... We stopped in some of the canals and found some reds for dinner..... COTO was up on the tower most of the day and his eyes are much better than mine....he would say, Dino, 1 O'clock, 20 yards, redfish - CAST !!!! I'm like where, where He was snipping the reds off the tower with precision casting....of course, I had to take them off the jigs when they arrived boat side We decided to make a run to another of COTO's old spots and ran across the skinny tot he back side of an island.... Pole and troll in effect, we dropped off plane and were making our way into the island. COTO sees a set of bubbles and some push...he nails the cast and then it's game on.... We were only in about 18" of water and the big girl was ripping line and running straight off into the flats...we couldn't figure out what it was as we had seen some jacks and small sharks....no head shake, no jump...just pure power...drag screaming....COTO says, I think we are going to need the net finally, the big girl gave us a profile view. And, almost on cue, we both shout out......it's a snook... I'm fumbling trying to get the stow way net out of the hatch - note to COTO, let's keep the net out So I can grab it easily... After a nice fight....she come aboard for a few pics and then swims off to get ready for the breeding season.... A few pics of the day...these were shot with my Iphone11 and I processed using Lightroom...next trip I'll take long my Nikon gear...it's been too long since I've shot... Overall...1/2 dozen reds...two home for dinner with COTO...i had a few mid size snooks and a nice mid slot reds...cant' wait to get out front again !!!! Saw Big Dave and Mike...I"m sure their report will be forth coming....great to see you guys..... COTO ON THE TOWER OUR BIG GIRL FOR THE DAY.......we forgot to measure the big girl as we wanted to get her back in the water quickly and in good health as we saw quite a few bull sharks crusing around......but, as perspective the front of the hatch is 32"...he has a ruler in the sea-deck....we think she was 35-37"...but, a big girl in any book
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    Hope y'all watched the FB live feed, boat is bad ass! Skip
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    You can add waxing/sanding agent to the gel-coat. The waxing/sanding agent is wax suspended in styrene which floats to the surface of curing gel-coat, allowing it to cure to a sandable finish. It is available at most fiberglass supply stores. I've had mixed results with this stuff. The wax tends to separate from the styrene while sitting in the container. For best results, you need to let the agent warm to at least 80 degrees and then mix it thoroughly by shaking the container. Because I am generally mixing small batches of gel-coat, getting the proper ratios of sanding agent and MEKP can be a little tricky. I tend to go a bit higher on my MEKP ratio in order to get the gelcoat to cure to a harder, more sandable finish. If you can, work in direct sunlight, on warmer days, with as little humidity as your locale allows. Do not do any glass work in the last 3 hours of the day. Falling temperatures and dew will ruin your work. Also, do not do any glass work if there is any risk of rain. Even if your work is protected from the rainfall, the boosted humidity and falling temperatures associated with the rain will also ruin your work.
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    Canโ€™t see the bottom from the rear well but from what I do see it looks like a very old Hewes on the lower wide straight line bottom , I have a feeling that it a wide flat cut out at the very end of the transom than has a modified semi V going into a pad . Capt Troy I seen that paper also with Mav on it and the cushion with Hewes on it may be a curve to get feed back from the forum they may have there feelers out to see what name brand would be best fitted to this boat Hewes? Maverick, Pathfinder , maybe a Mewesfinder or a Havericker ๐Ÿ˜œ .
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    Triplec , thanks for solving that mystery for me . Also thanks for posting the pictures . Great job . Joe R
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    With 300 blue horses pushing that thing it sure looks like a fun boat to have . Joe R
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    At pushing 72 in same boat as you. Getting old s...... But has its benefits to. With age comes experience and wisdom. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€โš“๏ธ๐Ÿ™ fin
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    I just wanted to say thank you to everybody that gave me insight on my boats current need. The guys at gemlux weโ€™re great. I placed my order and literally the next day the rod holders arrived at my house. They where looking sharp and packaged extremely well! thx again.
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    I wonder if they can quit putting ethanol into our fuel and start using it to make the hand sanitizer instead. Two birds with one stone.
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