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    Mods, if this is not allowed just delete. I am so proud of my bride of almost 50 years. Last Friday she had enough of de-fund the police and all of the other BS out there. We are fortunate to have great sheriffs and officers in our county and city and she wanted to show them some support and thank them for keeping us safe. She saw a Fallen officer flag made from a pallet and said "I can make one of those". So here are her efforts. I know we have a lot of first responders here and we want to thank all of you for your efforts. Now she is after me to set up speakers to play Good Bless America.
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    My daughter caught a slob of a snook yesterday. Any guesses on the length? I didn’t have a ruler around but he was by far biggest one I’ve ever gotten my hands on
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    Not exactly what we expected to see fishing in 60’ of water, but hey you take what’s given to you. Awesome day. Never even sniffed a snapper. Pretty cool to hang a fish like this from a “bay boat” 2004-2200v
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    Hi Folks,,, I'm seriously in the market for a good used but not abused 20' or 22' Pathfinder. Anywhere between a 2003 and 2010 model. preferably a "plain-Jane" basic 2200 or 2000 model... An F150 Yamaha would be nice but not essential. I will also need a trailer as part of the package... I am somewhat familiar with these boats (having owned several in the past) but due to some rather severe medical issues I sold my last 22' PF a few years back thinking my boating/fishing days were over... Fortunately the medical issues are no more and now my seven year old grandson needs "Pops" to take him fishing in something a little larger that a skinny-water flats skiff... Send me an email, text or PM if you have, or know of a for-sale rig fitting the description above.. I certainly would appreciate it! Thank You!! Hobo Ken Doss (912) 223-0902 cell/text or hobo27@comcast.net Jackson Doss & 1st Tripletail, 18#
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    Jason, hope you were not suggesting open flame while sliding hose onto fitting.
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    Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope your weekend is filled with fellowship and fun, with family and friends. While we celebrate this special July 4th Holiday, with rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air, I'd like to share something you may not have seen before. Our First President, George Washington, was a very special human being. No matter which part of the globe your ancestors came from, or whether they were immigrants, indentured servants, or slaves - if you are now American, with the freedom to pursue happiness and the American Dream - George Washington was the key figure at that pivotal moment in our history, and gave all of himself for the eventual independence for all of us. His farewell speech is one of the best ever. He made this speech more than 200 years ago, yet it is still relevant to things happening in this country today. It's a tough read because his English vocabulary was so sophisticated (and they spoke differently back then anyway). Here attached is a copy of George Washington's Farewell Speech. Stay safe everyone! Geo Washington Farewell Address.pdf
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    Happy 4 th to all. God Bless America
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    2007 Maverick Master Angler 17ft-Carbon Kevlar hatches 2012 Yamaha 150hp 4 stroke-only 157 hours-just completely serviced Garmin GPS/Fishfider-with sideview and downview Minn Kota trolling motor I-pilot GPS and self deploy-with 2 remotes JL Audio stereo system Sea Star steering Lenco trim tabs New Cushions New Ameratrail custom Maverick trailer-with folding tongue and spare Full boat cover included Boat is in immaculate condition and needs nothing Asking $26,900-Trades considered Title in hand for boat and registration for trailer Located in Stuart Any questions or offers 772-634-5090 seven,seven,two,six,three,four,five,zero,nine,zero
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    My son booked a a trip with Capt. Jared Raskob for us and we weren’t disappointed. My son caught his first tarpon and bonefish on fly and a personal best 30+ permit on a crab to complete a grand slam! I got to jump a few tarpon but couldn’t get one to the boat. Jared is an awesome guide And worked hard to complete the slam.
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    PowerPole has the best customer service in the boating industry. I had an issue with my out of warranty PowerPole and I had the item delivered the next day free of charge. Thank you PowerPole!!!!
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    Heading up to St. Cloud Florida (AmeraTrail Factory) tomorrow to get the MA17 new slippers.... More to come and pics when she's ready to "bling bling" her way to Chok-oooooo-looooooosssss-keeeee
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    Hope it's better than the other junk they put out to compete with PP. Plus, there is no way they can compete with their customer service.
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    Happy Fourth of July to all our MBG forum members and non member readers and MBG workers . I hope everyone has a great safe holiday during this abnormal time of our life’s . Joe R 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    Some is probably lost in the translation to todays english. But it is clear what they believed in, why they made the sacrafices they made, what they were worried of, and who/what they were thankful of. All still true today without a doubt. Thanks for the post, never seen that before. Happy 4th!
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    A friend posted this on another forum: "An early 60’s post card from downtown Islamorada. It looks so peaceful. Can only imagine how the fishing was back then..." Me: I can remember the Keys back as far as the early 70s and it still had that peaceful easy feeling to it.
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    Yes I went the route of a large custom Bimini top. This way I can get a large amount of shade instead of the little bit from a t top and when I wanna fish I take it off via the quick release brackets. I use the Bimini mostly for the sandbar.
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    Sorry, you crap in my boat no matter the critter your toast. To include, with or without legs, wings or tails. Biffen insecticide is the answer. Collateral damage is of no concern when the critters start damaging my property. I will dope the place until birds fall out of the sky just doing a fly over. How about that for a response?😯 To be honest, your not gonna stop them being reasonable. I spray in limited amounts all around my place. Keep everything as clean as I can but bugs are bugs. I spray all the areas around my boat shed hard. The rest of the place " 2 acres" is full of all kinds of stuff but they don't go near the boat. I am still willing to bet your pics are from lizard poop.
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    I wanted to thank you for posting and tracking the storms . It is so simple for me to check the track of these storms I copy them and send your up dates to family members that are in the path . I know it’s takes time to do this and needed to tell you thanks it really has always been appropriated . Joe R
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    Fort Pierce, FL, July 30, 2020- Maverick Boat Group (MBG), builders of the brands Maverick, Hewes, Pathfinder and Cobia, announced the promotions of Skip Lyshon and Charlie Johnson to Vice President positions. Skip Lyshon, now Vice President of Sales, has been with MBG since 1993 and has been the company’s National Sales Manager since 2000. Skip manages MBG’s extensive dealer network, customer service and warranty departments, and regional sales team and has active involvement in product development. “I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Skip for well over two decades. He is a consummate professional who always has the customer and dealer’s best interest at heart. His product knowledge is unrivaled, and he has earned the respect of our network of world class dealers and 10’s of thousands of retail customers alike,” said Scott Deal, MBG’s CEO. Charlie Johnson, now Vice President of Marketing, has been with MBG since 2003 and has held the position of Director of Marketing since 2006. Charlie oversees all aspects of the marketing efforts for the four brands including all marketing collateral, content creation and messaging, and market analysis as well as takes an active role in product development. “Charlie’s unique blend of business acumen and fishing smarts gives him an uncanny insight to the ever -changing marine market. His ideas help keep MBG at the cutting edge of what the consumer wants, often before they even know it, and the quality of his relationships within the industry reflects his position of respect with the media and our dealer network.” “It is my absolute pleasure and a blessing to work with these two professionals,” Deal further commented. Located in Fort Pierce, FL, Maverick Boat Group is privately owned and operated and is the manufacturer of the best in breed boat brands Maverick, Hewes, Pathfinder and Cobia. For more information call Charlie Johnson at 772.465.0631 or visit www.maverickboatgroup.com.
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    Got a T-Top installed. I’ve been on the fence for a while now, but when it comes down to it it’s just not comfortable for the kiddos in the sun all day long. ( I’m getting cooked too). James Gartside @ Dark Arc Marine had this top built for another customer who wasn’t happy with a certain design feature. He made it right and built the man another top and was sitting on this one. I come along with the exact console as the previous gentleman, James gave me a hell of a deal and everything else is history. Still getting used to it. It’s almost like the boat matured a little today.
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    I installed the RAM mount on my boat, i did it after an accidental deployment at speed, after hitting a big Wave. It keeps everything steady and fixed. I am not diligent enough to lower the depth collar every time I stow it
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    Here's my thought; stop committing crimes and you will see how fast the law enforcement budget decreases. By the way it looks great!
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    I would wait for MBG to say pound sand before talking it anywhere.
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    Yes, one major tip, turn OFF your surface clarity. I had my Lowrance and loved it for about a year, then suddenly found sidescan useless. Couldnt figure out why I was suddenly not seeing any structure, fish, etc. A year ago, I was fiddling around with it, found that setting, turned it off, and EUREKA! Detail again! Also, dont under estimate what your electronics are telling you. If you see something, even small, make a danged cast or two. You will be surprised how often you get hit.
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    I’ve always doubted my sidescan working due to never really knowing if I had it setup correctly. First couple nights of vacation proved that it was all user error, it’s awesome on the tarpon
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    Pine, Glad to hear....and not to down play any problem with your vessel....but, My family years ago went through some very difficult health issues with my daughter when she had severe Pancreatic issues....our medical bills were over $1.4MM with about $200K out of pocket (my 401K)....114 days at one point in the hospital in Jackson in Miami, multiple trips to the Mayo clinic in Rochester (yes the real one -we lived there for about 6 months (out of pocket BTW - and in the winter (LOL))), 4 surgeries, months of rehab -(BTW - FLATSDOC was a great friend during this time and helped my daughter with her challenges)..... After this.....it changed our life....my perspective has become with boats and trailers and motors - "IT'S ONLY FIBERGLASS - and EVERYTHING is fixable on a boat with some resin, gelcoat, and labor" - not so much with your health - SOMETIMES ....so we need to keep things in perspective.... Our story ended well..... My daughter finished her Doctorate at John Hopkins a few years ago..... dc
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    final touches and she's ready to fish..... Took my GY Enduras and cleaned the galv. rims, acid washed, sanded and primed....spray painted with engine black enamel (all rustoleelm) changed out the tires.... she's ready to go..sits great....rides well behind the F150 I'll carry the oriiginal Rainers as spares.....can never have too many spare tires sprayed the galv torsion greased the bolts... Now she is ready to go..... The tires are 215/75/14 which are slightly wider then the 205's...but, I ran her hard today over bumps etc and no scuffing on the guide board.
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    took the new boat out for its 3rd trip now that I have the motor running on the boat truck. timing chain jumped.Boat ran like a beaut.....truck ran great, me and my daughter had a great day...
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    Heat gun or a very carefully and lightly applied flame from a propane torch and silicone (liquid rollers or similar) on the fitting. While you’re there, how old is that anti-siphon valve? May want to replace it... or remove it.
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    I don’t think I could have come up with a better name for a push pole brand.
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    geeviam, You are absolutely correct. Hurricane Andrew was a major turning point for Homestead and Florida City. Also for South Broward County. It was a major shift in traffic patterns as well. You would not recognize Homestead now. It is currently still going through a housing boom. They are building houses everywhere. They all work north. The commute up and down the turnpike is crazy every morning and afternoon. If my kids ever leave this area I will be right behind them. My son is an hour and a half north already, just waiting for my daughter to finish college and see where she lands. The only thing I would miss is My Church and Everglades National Park.
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    Happy 4th everyone, May God continue to bless this country!!!!!
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    Here is a late great American comedian, Red Skelton that will make the way you really say & understand the Pledge of Allegiance!
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    So when on da grid , it is all hands on deck to get back off grid ASAP . It is not cool to be in da swamp with a durty sled . #COLLINITES and elbow grease ! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ! 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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    Here's one I found.......Jewfish Creek bridge in 1954, the first main bridge into the Florida Keys. Wow! Believe it or not the bridge was disassembled, put on a barge and sold to a small county in Alabama and is still in use today, "54" is the first year of this Draw Bridge when installed!
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    I was browsing the For Sale ads just checking out some skiffs for some ideas and realized there are a huge number of WTB ads. Interesting.... I guess the COVID seems to have affected everyone differently? My daughter who used to want to travel to Europe and go to see exotic places, is now considering buying a GLAMPING RV and travel up to her home in NC and explore more of the USA. My traveling friends are all looking at STAY IN USA vacations for the next few years.....driving distance for a few days and away from the big cities. When I bought my Ameratrail for my mistress....there was a 6-10 week wait on trailers. What's going on? Is Everyone getting into shallow water fishing these days? Are people who had disposable income to travel, now investing into skiff (if you ever call buying a skiff investing)-more like a BOAT - break out a thousand.....but, it seems to have changed some actions by people in general. I know for myself, i've travelled to about 100 countries in my career, my Delta Account has 1.2MM lifetime miles, AA, 1MM, United close to 900K....and I don't want to go anywhere any more.......give me a Grand Banks and floating skiff behind it....and life would be good It's so crazy....last month..... Heck, I even had someone call me and offer me $$$$ for my Holy Ghost....I would be sent directly to purgatory if I committed that sin DC
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    Just bought a 2000 20LT, started to add some modifications to her. Sweet riding rig!
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    No apology necessary Fin. It's all good. Just trying to help the seller get the full benefits of his membership on this great forum. IMO, the MBG Forum is the best, most trustworthy place to list your boat for sale. I'll shut up now and let the man sell his boat! 😊 Gary
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    I forgot about a word of caution with jackplates for first time owners/users that you need to be aware of WWU and a mistake I made twice now. If you have hydraulic steering chances are the cylinder/ram is inside the splash well so trimming the motor up is not an issue. But when a jackplate with any set back is installed you now put your hydraulic steering ram directly above the transom or just passed it. Trimming a motor up with a jackplate all the way down the hydraulic fittings may/will come in contact with the transom and snap them off or cause cosmetic damage. So be careful. Luckily I only suffered cosmetic damage. I got a brand new baystar cylinder for my Jon Boat because the owner did just that, snapped off both hydraulic 90's in the ram and just wanted to get rid of it, to me for $75! Easey outs are a beautiful thing! Oh and motor height, the jackplate mounting holes are higher. only one height so if you are mounted currently on your second hole you may need to drop the motor down one hole with a jackplate.
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    Good looking hull, I have always liked the shear lines of the Master Angler. As for access to install cleats that you do not have access to reach behind, you have 2 options that I know of. 1. Use the backing plate if provided or make one and Epoxy the nuts on to it (See photo below). Cut out the hole for the cleat and insert the backing plate using some monofilament to hold it in place. Put the cleat over it and just get the screws started. Trim off the mono and bring the machine screws tight. I have done this and the cleats have been there for years now. 2. This will be some what controversial with some. Ken Doss (Hobo) posted here that he installed many cleats with just drill and taping the holes for machine screws (Typically 10-24 NC machine screws). I assume he used 5200 or 4200 bedding. He said that he never had one fail. If I were to do one again, this is what I would do too. Good luck!
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    Drumroll please.... After deep review this was caused by an impact. My guy didn’t send pictures of the underside, but I may drive up next week. He did however show pictures of the inside where the stringer has detached. See below for photos. This is on the port side near the back of the transom. Luckily all within access of the LARGE rear access hatch... Thanks MBG $600 - $1,000 to grind down, reglass, re-gel coat, and then do the same on the hull and then blend to match creating a perfect sandwhich fix. My next question will be where was this on the marine survey... Since ownership I have not smacked anything and use rear straps on the trailer to prevent banging. Maybe it was simply loose when I purchased and just recently started getting worse? World may never know... like my glass guy said thank goodness we caught this now as opposed to even a month later. Every trip could have caused it to get worse and worse rendering the stringer shot and possible water intrusion. Think I am lucky on this one...
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    On the new sled..... THANK YOU CONOCEAN !!!! YOU WERE 100% CORRECT DC
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    Captain Morgan and Coke. The savings I put in the fuel tank you bunch of sissies.
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    Lots of problems with 5G. This just being one of them. 5G hardware is manufactured in China by a company called Huawei. They are the leading manufacturer and we all know what Trump thinks of them. Hopefully 5G will not become a reality. Quote "The United States put up another major roadblock this month against Huawei, as China's big telecommunications company moves to set up the latest 5G mobile networks worldwide. On May 19, the Commerce Department issued new export rules to choke off Huawei's access to semiconductor chips it needs to build cellphones and 5G infrastructure." Hopefully this will be enough to halt this 5G and not allow it to become what the china would like it to be.....World dominance of the telemobile market.
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    The issue is your fuel lines running to the engine can be lower than the tank fuel level, so if you rub a hole in one of the lines that is in a low spot, you can siphon your fuel tank into the bilge if an anti-siphon valve is not present.
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    Well said, Joe! And thanks in particular to those who have earned us this great country and those who serve to protect it - military, police, firemen. We are fortunate, and hopefully these recent events help remind us all of that fact!
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