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  2. Shindig

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    We have rooms booked at Kon Tiki, if the key are not shut down, we will most likely keep the reservation and go down for a long weekend.
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  4. Hey guys....well my family is getting to the age that we are spending days and not just a few hours in the boat. Because of that some shade is becoming a big need. If anyone has a Bimini top for sale or some recommendations that would be appreciate. I would also consider a T-Top......but the search for shade is just beginning and was thinking of bimini top first to see if it fits the needs. Thanks in advance!
  5. Srfrdave

    04 22 project

    Oh too bad, i guess for me anyway. That was pretty quick.
  6. jrchandler

    Changed out my Bilge pump😡

    This was the basket installed by the factory in 2004?

    Small soft rubber trays for storing stuff??

    Thanks for the suggestion to much money just like the 6yc cover
  8. Toeknee217

    1999 maverick ? Can anyone identify this hull ?

    No problem. Smart move asking on this forum before purchasing. Ive never owned one so I can't confirm on quality or lack thereof. Definitely wouldn't want someone to pay for a maverick quality boat and get an eagle.
  9. I’m looking for a flat top style console with or without the front seat. for my hewes anyone know we’re to get one
  10. HoneyB


    i am pretty sure all the soon to be new pups have families waiting for them. With a forum member getting pick of the litter 😃 Thanks guys
  11. PineSound

    2300 HPS Stringer Issue

    I have a 2011 2300 HPS with a 2019 250 SHO. I brought the boat to my fiberglass guy for some touch up bottom work around my step in the hull and a concerning spot on my port side near the rear of the boat. It looked like someone punched my hull. You can push it in just slightly and it’s only in the one spot, luckily it doesn’t seem to continue up the stringer. (I didn’t take any pictures before dropping off to glass guy) My fiberglass guy worked at Action Craft for over 20 years, so I couldn’t have a better glass guy. My question is has anyone else had a stringer detach on their 2300HPS?? My glass guy was astonished when I told him Pathfinder only had a 5 year hull warranty, he mentioned highway robbery. This boat is in pristine condition besides this new found issue, not happy right now... Keys trip was planned for this upcoming week!
  12. I have a Stradic 4000 XG for sale that is brand new with box. I am asking $180 shipped for it. Please Pm me if you are interested. Thanks
  13. triplec

    New to Me - MA 18 w/ Questions

    My 96 is stamped 50 gallons on the tank. You might have the same tag if it is a TNT tank and OEM maybe. I can see mine through the front storage hatch inspection plate. This brochure indicates 50 as well. http://www.mbgforum.com/brochures/maverick/1994-present_as_of_2007_18'5_Master_Angler.pdf
  14. triplec

    Small soft rubber trays for storing stuff??

  15. Not a maverick as mentioned before 1999 eagle flats 16' with maverick transom plate.
  16. Hey thank you. Owner was dodging the make question,until I mentioned it was an eagle. She told me not to listen to the bad reviews.... which made me even more afraid.
  17. Yup, it was an eagle flats boat 16.
  18. While on the boat Ive found the 6YC gauge cover very handy for storing stuff either on top of the console or in the glove box. They are soft wont slide and keep keys and such from rattling of scratching gel coat etc. All proud of myself i thought... Im gonna order me several to keep in various places, well yamaha is real proud of those things running around 40 bucks!! Anyone know of something similar to use much cheaper?
  19. That is not a Maverick boat. Maverick transom plate yes, but that’s all that’s Maverick on it.
  20. tbuckhalter

    2500 hybrid or 2600 trs looking

    looking for a newer 2500 hybrid with the captain style seating not the live well or 2600 trs rigged similiar must be nice and not a guide boat..tbuckhalter42@gmail.com
  21. redzone1

    New to Me - MA 18 w/ Questions

    The 1999 18.5 MA I had was 42 gallons
  22. Scottygee47

    2020 pathfinder 2400 trs upgrades info

    Thanks for the compliments, I may consider adding a second amp down the road but honestly it’s pretty ridiculous the way it is now!!! Just finished installing the second power pole and the transducer with black box so it’s getting closer.
  23. Shallowminded6

    Difference in Hewes hulls

    Not sure. I run into the same thing with mine. Part of what made me ask the question. Looks like the deck and layout is the exact same.
  24. Shallowminded6

    2000 Hewes Light Tackle 18 Fuel Tank Capacity?

    I have a 2000 18’ Light Tackle I just replaced all fuel lines on. Got a pic of the tank spec. 42gal is what it shows. Could be different if it was an option when it was built.
  25. ASB

    Changed out my Bilge pump😡

    not mine. As you can see in the pics.
  26. CRD Dawg

    New to Me - MA 18 w/ Questions

    Another question. What would be the best way to validate my fuel tank capacity? Trying to get the new Suzuki “smart gauge” properly set up but can’t confirm fuel tank capacity. I think I’ve read 18’s came with tanks from 45-52 gallons? Haven’t been able to find a ton of info on it though. Wondering if I could contact Maverick and give them my HIN? Not sure what kind of build records they keep. Thanks!
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