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  2. HewesYourDaddy

    This Is a Sunset

    Last night at the boat hoist as the moon began to rise over Ossabaw Island.
  3. fishmanjj

    Blue Moon catch....

    Full moon / NE winds / very high tides / but when you work 5 days a week and the weekend is the only opportunity to fish....you go and give it a try. No doubt the conditions could have been better....but we managed a few keepers on top water and suspending twitch baits.
  4. Today

    Cuffin box for 2500 ?

    Ive never seen a coffin box located anywhere else but in front of the console (on center console boats) obviously youd have to run it cross ways. I prefer to not put fish in the built in "fish box" and run a 150qt cooler in that location I bet I could run a 300qt or bigger there

    2018 2200 TRS switch panel back light

    Yep I need to go back in and put in something to diffuse it a touch more as it is still just a bit to bright... thought you could use a dimmer but leads to interference. So gonna look into using some sort of opaque plastic sheet to add to it
  7. mdemott

    Spinning Reels

    Been using Penn for years. Most of mine are the older American made models. Did but a Clash for freshwater and has worked without a problem for two years.
  8. geeviam

    2500 prop discussion

    With what BradM said earlier - the stepped hull needs bow lift and grip, and the fact that Mercury props are in short supply - and very expensive to boot... Why not try a less expensive test? In my area (Upstate South Carolina), I've been seeing some high-end Pro Tournament Bass boats with Michigan Wheel Ballistic XHS props on them. I'm talking about Big-Name Sponsored bass boats rigged to the max, where money is no object! I know I will be trying one of these props on my next boat. For larger motors, the Ballistic is available in 3-blade and 4-blade models. https://www.miwheel.com/propellers/brands/ballistic/ A well-stocked seller: https://www.ebay.com/str/westmichiganpropeller
  9. schuy249

    1993 Bonefisher 16'

  10. Mulligan, Yes, Advantage Boatworks in Tampa.
  11. Just saw this post, as I have the same problem. I’m curious were you able to resolve the issue with the draining cockpit water into the bilge?
  12. DANO

    Scupper Problem

    I installed the rabuds and initially they worked great for the first seven years or so. As of lately I’ve been getting a lot of water on the deck which was God sent because it really made me notice that my deck drains were leaking into the bilge. Not sure why the rabid stopped working may have to take it off and inspect it!
  13. Ok, so I have a 2001 Pathfinder and last weekend the bilge pump was turning on way to many time for my liking, after further inspection I realized that my deck drains had finally corroded away and water from the deck was leaking into the bilge(quickly!). I was able to remove the old hose and purchase a new thru hull drain and hose but for the live of me I cannot figure out a good was to secure the fitting into the hole. there is no way , other than cutting an access hole, to secure the nut to the back of the fitting. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My current approach is to just 4200 the heck out of it but I have some reservations🤨 thanks in advance
  14. fin-addict

    Hummingbird or garmin ????

    Garmin. I do feel the older chart shows more detail such as numbered markers and R or G if not mistaken. Seems that Simrad is the go to lately.

    2500 prop discussion

    Yea good luck KW.... cant even get any decent info for the most common engine hung on these boats let alone that unicorn you have. Best bet is to get in touch with prop gods and aprently they do have a loaner program with merc stuff
  16. Came off a 24 pathfinder, $350 obo, located in Jensen Beach call or text 772-two60-six804
  17. Capt. Troy

    Spinning Reels

    Chief Those sticky handles are from sun screen. I agree, I hate when they get like that.
  18. Chief5130

    Spinning Reels

    I have a couple of Battles and have had to replace parts on them. There is a small plastic part in the bail release that fails after a while. I will say that Penn has stepped up its game finally and is machining its gears now and not casting them. Shimano and Daiwa have a great marketing program that others like Quantum do not. The Stratic is the 1# selling reel, so they are the target of the other manufacturers. I own a lot of them and have had many different models. The ones that pissed me off the most had the rubbery grip turn to a sticky mess. The older wooden handles were better. The Quantum Smoke has a 5 year warranty. No one else does at that price point. If the Stratic is in your price point, look at the Smoke, IMHO they are slightly better than the Stratic and cost less. Having said all of that, the rod and then the line are more important than the spinning reel, but that is probably a conservation for another post.
  19. captcrunch

    1993 Bonefisher 16'

    Restored 1992 Hewes 16 Bonefisher
  20. Drummer

    Tow Vehicle- Pickup to SUV

    Toyota Land Cruiser. Pulls my 2400 TRS with little effort. And a fun truck to drive without the boat. A little pricey, but worth it.
  21. schuy249

    1993 Bonefisher 16'

    Thanks for the info. I'm pretty comfortable with the example I'm looking at and if all goes well, I'll be the new owner of a beautiful, classic lappy next weekend.
  22. Wanaflatsfish

    1993 Bonefisher 16'

    older skiffs hold value based upon market....NADA is not relevant anymore since the demand for skiffs have increased. A 93 - depending on the following: Trailer Power Accessories will go for anywhere from $10-12K in it's original state....we've seen them crazy high in price after a rebuild.... DC
  23. Wanaflatsfish

    Gelcoat colors for same model across many years

    I got a qt of mini craft oyster and it slightly more "white" I need to do what mulligan advises and maybe add a drop of black and yellow.... Mine is a MA17 95 dc
  24. Advantage Boatworks in Tampa?
  25. GlennF

    Spinning Reels

    Shimano Stradic 5000’s on my Loomis rods and Diana BG 4000’s on my Star rods. I too agree that the Diawa BGs are a good value. I prefer reels with large handles. I always buy rods/reels in sets of two or four. I like my gear to match, my wife says I have issues. I use a lot of 15lb Power Pro in moss green for backwater and 20lb mono Momoi Diamond for Dolphin. Although this was primarily a “spinner” conversation for my conventional setups I have Avets on Shimano rods.
  26. MikeH

    Tow Vehicle- Pickup to SUV

    I have a 2013 Explorer Sport with the 3.5 liter twin-turbo Ecoboost, and tow a 21' Master Angler. I have not experienced any issues with handling or braking and I am usually towing on I-75 between Tampa and St. Petersburg or Tampa and Boca Grande.
  27. geeviam

    October Fishing

    Ditto. Thanks for sharing Cleve!
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