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  2. Happy Lappy

    Switch Panel Question

    It's the perfect time to replace my switch panel. Currently it has three different rocker switches and the plexiglass is cracked. I plan on switching everything out to the round button switches. What I can't decide is which size to use 19 or 22mm. The 19mm is the exact size of a nickel and the 22mm is the size of a quarter. Has anybody switched over to these switches? Does anyone know what size Beavertail uses? Which would you go with?
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  4. Enjoy brother. Wish I was on the water.
  5. fin-addict

    There goes my weekend !!!

    Troy, God bless you for what your doing for your Dad. So sorry your in this position, not fun at all but as good children we do everything we can for our parents when the time comes. I did the exact same for my Mom many years ago, 24/7. As you may recall, almost 4 years ago I did the same for my wife, Stefi before she passed. I was proud to do it. Together since we were 15, now 71. It does take it’s toll in many ways. Just try and hang in there guy. If you ever need to talk to someone about what your going through and has been there jus reach out to me 24/7. Stef was also in Hospice for a few months. I may be able to answer a few questions you have regarding the banking problems your having, had those problems also. What you stated about not getting close to others and chartering is spot on. Not worth it. 😀⚓️🙏 Fin (Dave)
  6. pvredfisher1

    Simrad GO7 - New in box

    Selling a brand new Simrad GO7. New in box never used/mounted. Includes all items shown in pics, there is no transducer. Asking $480 (+15$ shipped in the southeast) Located in St. Petersburg FL. Contact via PM or 8one3-44nine-three08one.
  7. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Thanks for the info guys. I have a starting battery and a battery dedicated to my trolling motor. Engine cables are connected directly to the starting battery and battery switch. Only wires on my TM battery are from the TM. These junction posts don't appear to have any power going to them, but I'll take your advice and disconnect them to be safe. I'm interested to see what's on the other end!
  8. jason p

    23 HPS anchor suggestion?

    Come on seriously Ron? I mean, who does this with anchor line?
  9. BaitTank

    fixing the hook in the bottom of a LT20

    Yup, that's how my LT20 runs. you can feel the hull release.


    Social distance dinner ! 🇺🇸🦀
  11. Wanaflatsfish

    Wanted to Buy - Master Angler 18

    I would post your question in the general forum.... dc
  12. Wanaflatsfish

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Those are usually used to connect to your engine. You run from the house battery and this is a junction point. I would follow the wire to see where they go, but, in the state they are in, I would also be careful....I would take them off and use a bunch of black tape to on the connections...it could be "Live" and you'll end up sparking something. DC
  13. Robert H

    2019 2500 Pathfinder Hybrid *PRICE DROP*

    Price reduced again!!
  14. Big Dave

    There goes my weekend !!!

    God is always my source of strength and peace for me during unknown times or circumstances. Worry, anxiety, fear can overwhelm us and control our moves and decisions. It's interesting that scripture includes so many passages telling us not to fear. Sometimes, I read these verses and pray them out-loud. Here are a few: Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 56:3, Philippians 4:6-7, John 14:27, 2 Timothy 1:7, Proverbs 12:25, and, of course Psalm 23. If anyone on the Forum needs prayer, doesn't have a Bible but wants one, or has questions, please message me. Captain Troy, I am praying for courage for you and strength in caring for your father. "Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with your wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9).
  15. HoneyB

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Looks like a previous junction type connection. Possibly for a trolling motor at some point?
  16. gnarlydog

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    Random question. About half way through the project. While troubleshooting my trim tabs, I came across these connections. I had previously assumed they were related to the tabs, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Any idea what these wires/posts are for? I don't think the wires are running to the console. Heavy guage. Just curious before I start pulling on stuff I shouldn't.
  17. ForceFed

    2008 Maverick 17’ HPX-V

    The boat is in Jupiter, Florida
  18. Clint Hebert

    Wanted to Buy - Master Angler 18

    So I’ve been been focused on purchasing a 18 RF, but now the 18 MA is of some interest. I’m in Texas and fish bays and some lakes. Any thoughts why one over the other? Power recommendations either boat?
  19. Curious what y’all think my boat is worth. I’m considering selling it. Don’t know if I want to sell with the motor, or with out. So I would like to know what the hull is worth alone. The engine is a 2016 Yamaha 150 with 30 hours. The boat is a 2002 2200V and is in fair condition as it sits now. I have the time to put into to restore I just don’t know if I should, or I could sell it as is and someone else can do it the way they want to. IMO its a project boat, but it’s also water ready at the same time with a pretty much new engine. Just curious what y’all think it’s worth Hull only and as a unit. thanks https://www.flickr.com/photos/187714742@N07/shares/Nt3i33
  20. geeviam

    FS Yamaha HS4 22 Prop - Excellent

    Man, that's a good looking prop! Good price too!
  21. zamog

    2001 HPX-T

    custom bluepoint platform and casting platform 70hp yammi 2 stroke on board charger (disconnected currently) needs glass work in rear hatch normal spider cracks from wear and tear 14k obo moving to wrong side of state so will need bay boat text 386.216,7646 to shawn, for pics thanks
  22. HoneyB

    FS Yamaha HS4 22 Prop - Excellent

    Guessing you wouldn’t want to trade for a tempest plus 21 pitch?
  23. Wanaflatsfish

    Wanted to Buy - Master Angler 18

    More and more boats will come on line as this economy slows - unfortunately. dc
  24. fishmanjj

    Subwoofer Enclosure Build // Any Interest?

    Yes, let us see the progress.
  25. lurem

    Subwoofer Enclosure Build // Any Interest?

    Good morning, subscribed!
  26. DblPly

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    Here’s wishing for a speedy resolution to this COVID-19 mess... 175 days and a wakeup...
  27. I’ve been wanting to add a subwoofer to my boat (23 HPS) for 2 years now, and I finally got over the hassle of adding an amplifier to my boat. Anyhow, materials will start showing up tomorrow for the enclosure I plan to build; 1” Coosa Board Bluewater 26, epoxy, 1708 mat, etc. I know a lot of people cut a hole in their console and have at it, but I have chargers, NMEA networks and other stuff on the interior walls on my console preventing me from going that route. I also don’t care for the look of a big subwoofer that high (my boat anyhow) not to mention the lack of acoustics with the air being pushed out of the boat. I can’t put it low in the front with the ‘18 plus console because that’s now a door and ingress/egress would be awful and, batteries are in the way. I’m going to build a removable enclosure that will sit where the factory cooler seat is, which will allow me to put the sub in for sandbar and cruising trips or put the cooler seat in on fishing days and the such. So, I can document this process as I go if there’s an interest or push on through without worrying much about pictures and the such if there isn’t any interest. I am going to down fire the subwoofer in a sealed enclosure and force the air into the front/bottom of the center console. Maybe to the front too, but I need to model the acoustics of that and any potential disruption of sound from the existing 8.8’s in the forward rod lockers. I’m going with a JL Audio 12” sub intended for a car. At $200/ea. I can replace it 4 times for the cost of the JL “marine” model 12”. The 12W1v3-4 has an aluminum basket, can handle the power I’ll put to it (JL 600/1 dialed down to 275-300 watts RMS) and won’t see the light of day in the enclosure I’m building, so UV deterioration shouldn’t be an issue. This will be 99.99% DIY with existing tools I have around the house, small table saw, drills, router, various sanders, etc. The factory cooler seat (not the Engel one) is pretty complex in that the bottom and top are completely different dimensions and the front has roughly a 2” lean from top to bottom, bow to stern. For sanity and due to how freakin’ expensive Coosa Board is, I’m not risking a mis-cut compound angle just so my existing seat cushion will fit. So I have to have a new seat cushion sewn up, that’s the .01% I can’t do. My FIL is the VP of a textile company, so I’ll get the vinyl and foam for cost, trim and shape the foam (he formerly owned an upholstery shop too) and have a friend of his sew it all up. Anyhow, working from home and the current pandemic, I plan to have this buttoned up by the time we’re allowed to get out again. Document here or no?
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