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  2. 2002Pathy

    2002 Pathfinder 2400 - New Price

    New price.
  3. SeaSerpent123

    Mack attack!

    It was a blast! As soon as I knew they were macks, I switched to the longest lures I had and it did the trick with out getting cut off. The lures were like 6 inches, or 5, something like that. lol What was fun was watching the sharks chase them all the way to the boat. Even caught a small bull shark at one point. Very fun day with old friends!
  4. I highly recommend retirement!
  5. mulligan

    Goodbye CATCH A FIRE

    Only to those that have been here and know better.
  6. Hello All - just picked up my 2013 2200 TRS (first Pathfinder - coming out of a Contender ) yesterday and was going through it - really impressed. It appears that the LW's have a decent amount of insulation on them so I was curious how they work as a cooler/fishbox? My boat has the optional port side LW which honestly I will prob never need for bait in TX. Seems like a good spot for trout, smaller reds ,and flounder. Easy to clean as well.
  7. PGolz

    South Georgia daylight topwater action..

    Nice man! Didn't do as well up in Savannah...
  8. Capt. Troy

    Goodbye CATCH A FIRE

    Quality of life is in a death spiral in Florida!
  9. Capt. Troy

    For all of you that fish!

    This is my post from 2016 and guess what has happened. My guess was pretty good. 2021 and now we have everything but the catch shares for the for hire fleet.☹️ 2016 "I foresee a shrinking of the charter fleet and a monopoly controlled by EDF operated corporations. Just like they have done with commercial fishing. Possible catch shares and electronic monitoring of my vessel is coming to include a call in to leave port and a mandatory call in before hitting the dock when chartering. "
  10. Stevenb

    2016 Pathfinder 2300 HPS

    I do not know off the top of my head but it is about a foot higher than my standard garage door.
  11. Very hard to find. Go aftermarket or fab shop build. They can dup the oem I’m sure. Think mine is oem but not sure.
  12. fin-addict

    Boring !

    I have made a few post lately. Correct, very little activity from this area. Need to be corrected 😀👍
  13. polliwog

    (New Owner) New England Hewes LT18

    I just saw your thread here,I'm a little slow with my move back to FL for the winter. I might say glad to have another LT in LIS. You might consider getting a grab railing made to go over your console, I did this for my little maverick in FL and it makes moving around the deck much more comfortable and I don't have to worry about grabbing the GPS by mistake.. My 20 LT came with one. I have no idea what that white thing is on the console. Enjoy the new ride.
  14. Wanaflatsfish

    Gotta stop weekend fishing !!!

    it's all in the wrist (LOL).....and yes, if the bait babe keeps skipping work....gotta head across the street to the EFC dc
  15. Wanaflatsfish

    Mack attack!

    Great day SS....nice catch and some smoked filets for da feeeesssshhhhh dip Nice pics and videos.....memories for a while..... dc
  16. Wanaflatsfish

    Mack attack!

    I don't think the Holiday Inn will allow me to smoke Macks in my room
  17. fishinfool1

    Factory Console Seat and Cooler

    Not in Florida thanks for the offer
  18. Capt Seaweed

    Repower Hewes 16 1994

    I repowered with a yami 70 its 34 MPH top end and hole shot is good not great...its a 70HP man! I am 320 my fishing buddy is 180 so if you in that range 500 lbs people 100lbs gear ice water you will be happy it rides great and it doesn't let water in the scuppers
  19. SeaSerpent123

    Mack attack!

    The fish came out awesome! IMG_3061.MOV
  20. HewesYourDaddy

    ISO Factory Removable Leaning Post Backrest

    Good luck. I've been looking for one for years.
  21. HewesYourDaddy

    Mud Dawg Pathfinder 22TE

    Great looking boat. I hope you get the chance to have it back in the family again.
  22. HewesYourDaddy

    31st Annual Kilkenny Game Fishing Club tournament

    Hope to see you there on Nov. 12th for the captain's meeting and then on the 13th for the tournament and weigh-in!
  23. HewesYourDaddy

    29th Annual Kilkenny Inshore Open Tournament

    You might know one of our members that passed away a few years ago. Bob Barnette... he fished a lot of the redfish tournaments around the area. He was one of our past club presidents and helped us expand this tournament to what it is today. RIP Bob..
  24. flatsdoctor

    Boring !

    Is this an area without members?? I have rarely seen many posts other than the ones i initiate. I would like to hear other members experience in the area (no geographical/location details needed)😏
  25. To the owner of my dad’s old Pathfinder. if you ever get ready to sell him, I want 1st chance to buy him. I miss the machine that made a thousand memories. 067Whiskey
  26. flatsdoctor

    Mack attack!

    I didn't However... about the Macks... I think that filleted, freshly (same day, like when camping) sautéed on butter, garlic and onions they're awesome !! Then anything fresh while camping is awesome!!😊 (even if you're camping in a hotel Dino 😄 )
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