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1996 BF18 lappy maiden voyage (for me)

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FINALLY grabbed a few hours today after noon and launched the boat after all the work done. It has a 2016 115HP ETEC on it. That motor surprised me big time - it has a Viper 13-3/4 X 19 prop on it. It was too choppy to go all out on the Indian River but any thoughts I had about the boat being under-powered went out the window. Even with my fat *** on the boat with a full 40 gallon tank, this is a mid 40'a boat the way it's propped - I think with it trimmed out it will go 50+.

That said, the hole shot could be improved some, so I'm thinking about going with a 4 blade Rogue. It will plane at 18MPH with this prop. I have to say that the boat cuts chop really well - that also surprised me but it is the same hull as a 18 Redfisher and they are known for good chop manners. The Bennett Bolts really help in that situation. All in all, I'm happy with the boat and all systems are restored. I hadn't run a flats boat in years and the low freeboard took some getting used too again. It has a manual jackplate that will eventually be replaced with a Bob's Machine Action series JP. The No feedback steering (new from the PO) is growing on me, so I may keep that or change out to hydraulic steering.

I also calibrated the MK Ulterra heading sensor and got to put the Ulterra through it paces - it holds GPS anchor as well as my Rhodan did and that's saying a lot. It's my second Ulterra (I installed one on a KW Stealth) and they have both been flawless so far.

The 115HP (non-HO) ETEC is the perfect motor for this hull IMO.

Chuck  😀

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