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88 Bob Hewes Bonefisher II Ground up- Rebuild

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Here's a couple photos of my "retirement" project.  She's a 1988 Bob Hewes Bonefisher II that I picked up.  I'm guessing due to the hull color and the fact that she had a hole drilled completely thru the sole and hull that in her first life she was part of the FWC fleet.  I remember drooling over this boat at a boat show 30 years ago with one of my buddies at a boat show, and thinking: Wow, she's made with Kevlar".  The timeline photos show a ton of poor patch work that now resides in a land fill.  I'm replacing the stringers, transom, and sole.  Then I get to work on the cap, where my plan is to modify it to meet my 56 year old knees and needs.

hewes left rear edge outside.jpg

rotten stringer.jpg

hewes floor removed.jpg

hewes floor before.jpg

hewes rear deck.jpg

hewes top off.jpg

transom 2.jpg

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WOW! You got a project ahead of you! I think it might be easier to break into BassProShops in Miami and just steal the one the have on display! Kidding aside, good luck and keep us up to date on the build, we love this stuff, especially the finished project! I actually have those kevlar stickers that came on the boat, they are currently stuck to something else but if you want to have them replicated let me know.

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