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Nice poon! It sure was a good day, we slammed as well along with an additional guest for Dino’s table, Mr. Tripletail. You were at the ramp in front of us at launch and at the end at load. 

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Great Job.....and pics Jnaam.....


Our day had much small species....but, fun all the same......

Alex hit the snooklets hard on DOA shrimp and I pounded the reds on Gulp's....it gave me no pleasure catching them; however, i just had to do so.

And what no popping corks you say - yes, it's true, I have gone to the darkside of artificals....Bass Pro Beware....I'll be there soon....

And yes, a random cast from a recommendation of DonH of the "Nuclear Chicken" produced a Triple tail......yummmm....he had dinner with me last night.

Overall maybe 12-15 reds...two slots we sight casted to....I had a few "shrimp" in the cooler bag and Alex sent a DOA into the pod of schoolies, it was great as there was a large mud, then we were both on.....

Later Alex put on a show of snooklets on a point, where nearly every cast produced a 15-18" snook.....no big girls.....a few trout, one to the bag of death....and we were home late.

Great day on the water with COTO - 62 miles in the skiff....West Wind Chop on the way home....and the MA - cut it like "buddddder" (said in NY accent).  :)

And, yes, I was tethered into the skiff....I did not fall off :)




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