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Snooklets on fire, rats everywhere, trout, and a few dinner guests get a ride to Plantation

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My buddy Chris and I made it over to Chokoloskee for a day of fishing....the incoming tide was strong and the weather a bit breezy....

We started off strong...we hit 10 + small to medium size snook on a shoreline up in the bights with the incoming coming on in....

We hit a small trout but no reds.....


Chris went tight, drag screamed....then ugh...no love.....i tossed back into the same spot, and here is what he missed :)




We decided to move on to another spot outside the Chatham and we found more snooklets and a nice slot red....




We worked all the up towards Bird Key and work a few shorelines, but, the wind was ripping...

we found more and more snooklets and rat reds.....and a few trout...



We moved to the back to my usual go to trout spots but the PM tide had no moving water and the water temp was over 85 degrees....we ran home and decided to enjoy the day and memories and saved a few fish for the next time :)

Chris working the shoreline with a snooklet in my hands......



a nice red with a set of multi-spots.






Overall great day......


20 plus reds - 5+ trout and 20+ snook / snooklets.....


we went through 10 doz shrimp.....




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18 minutes ago, Donh said:

The secret for catching fish is for me to stay home.😄 Well done.


I am beginning to think that :) 

But, without you, there are no really good stories.....




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You can always take Don along and if you are not doing well leave him on a key and go back to fishing. When your done catching you can go back and pick him up afterwards.😁

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