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Off Topic: Dog Related Westminster Dog Show

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No fishing this weekend....spending a vacation in NYC at the Dog Show...

Decided to take along the camera for a few clicks...it's been a long time since I have shot......so, things are a bit rusty....

Went to the agility trials and meet the breed....

A few quick pics..i had a decent seat by the one of the hurdles...lighting was good, but, not super bright...should have brought the 70-200 2.8, but, carried the 105 2.8...even then, I had to crank up the ISO to ISO to 1600 and shoot at 125 shutter speed...shot wide open @ 2.8 and had a bit of blur at 125...but, did not want to push the ISO anymore....

The border collies are amazing...and they even had a lab in the game..but, they are no match for the collies...you can see how much the dogs like to compete....they go crazy at the start to run...

A few pics....enjoy

Here is a Norwich Terrier.....don't own one yet....on the bucket list....but, they are way to cute....to pass up a photo...









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I watched an English bulldog compete in the agility course there. It was pretty funny, did better than I thought she would. The weave poles were hilarious. Watching dogs work and compete is something special. Enjoy 

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