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What Was That?

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Interesting experience last night. Bernie and I were out last night catching a few snook on fly and arties with Capt. Chad. The Coast Guard stopped us and an hour and half later they let us go. Of course the tide was gone by then.

They didn’t say why we were stopped, took our IDs, drilled the captain about his license which they said they couldn’t find in the computer. Some issue about a drug prevention program....

Did we catch any fish. Yes we caught some snook. Do you know the rules? Where are your fish ? Check the cooler....why do you fish if you can’t keep them....? This wasn’t idle *** chat, interrogation.

Then as an after thought the lead guy said we might as well do a safety inspection. He said we didn’t need flares if on inshore waters. Total fishing expedition on their part. A bunch of rank amateurs who didn’t have a clue.

Three old guys out to catch a few snook shouldn’t be treated that way.😩

The icing on the cake ...there was a center console cruising the intracoastal with at least 25  people on board. Didn’t stop them, probably too much trouble to check them.

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What a bunch of BS!

However if I were a LEO I'd probably check all boats with people aboard that look like you, Don. Time to ditch your clean shaven look, put a wig on & grow a goatee! :ph34r: 

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