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Christmas Wrap

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My wife has dubbed the first photo Christmas Wrap. Come to think of it, I'd get my hopes up receiving a gift wrapped like that!

Our son-in-law will be spending several months in Central and South America, and he really wants flies for the trip. Sooooo, with Christmas on the horizon it was time to sit down at the vise. I'd intended to tie a gross, but upon arranging the flies for the shot I discovered I shorted him by a few. Time for counting lessons, for sure! A brief trip back to the vise will fix that. The larger Deceivers are 3/0 and the smaller are 1/0, while the Clausers are all 1/0. The Deceivers are variations, including heavy heads for deep sinks. All are tied "bomb proof" style with epoxy in all the right places.

The second shot is his new fly box with a few tools tossed in for scale.5c083f733b1f1_503wrap.thumb.jpg.a42e23e48acc0f7059693cb9facf2012.jpg

495 box.jpg


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Oh yeah, but experience too.  I'm a has-been commercial fly tyer (long ago), but still have a few chops. Excluding time for epoxy to set, I tie Deceivers and Clausers at the average rate of a dozen and hour.  Son-in-law spent two long days on some chores for us, so I figure he has another gross of flies coming before we're close to even with the board! 

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