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2003 16’ Redfisher repower

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On 11/19/2018 at 10:52 AM, THE OUTLAW said:

15 years and. 1050 hrs


Doesn't seem right...only 1050 on a 2 smoker....what was the root cause of your issue?


Also, do you need to arm yourself in the front yard :) 

Let me know if you need some help Ralph...if you need something, and I have time, I"ll come by and help turn a wrench or something....



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Thanks Dino

Hours did seem low , but I run that motor hard .

Work is all complete .

The favor you can do is pray that she comes in next week .

Was told I got the last one for the next four months .

Dunno if true or not , but was told that .

I need to have everything lined out asap .

It’s critter / camping season .


Bilges are so much easier to clean with the motor gone .


PS ARMED 24-7-365 👍🏻



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1 hour ago, THE OUTLAW said:

One week from today , it will be SHOtime!


Must be a sign.  I was thinking about making a suggestion to you, with the new SHO gonna be hanging on the RF 16 pretty soon and all, and this post popped up.  I've got props on the brain again - I know, I know... no surprise around here.  Anyway, since you said you were going to work with Marcus, to get the right prop for your new motor, I think the one that should be at the top of the list to try is the PRO3 19 pitch.  I tried a friend's new PRO3 21 pitch on my RF 16 with the SHO and it was great - just too much pitch.  52.1 mph on gps, but could only reach 5800 rpm at wot.  That was with 1/2 tank of fuel, 3 batteries, trolling motor, gear, and me solo.  Excellent bow lift, stability, and grip.  Makes me think the 19 pitch would be just right.  Just a suggestion FWIW.

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I was going to reach out to you to see how you were getting along with the Talon SS prop .

Going to be breaking in with my SCD4-17, 

I have talked with the Monkey about any inout he has on our setup , but he did not have any real numbers.

Someone earlier posted a video of a guide with oursetup and the PT prop, and it seemed to work well .

But, he had a jackplate .

Would like to end up with a four blade for heavy camping trips and a three blade for lighter solo action .

Again , thank you for all your info so far .




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Breaking it in with the SCD4-17 without too much high-revs is a smart idea.  The Talon SS 19 pitch is a great all-around prop that I'll probably keep forever.  However, the PT PRO3 was very impressive, and worth checking out if you want to stay with PT props.  For those trips when you carry a heavy camping load, I agree, a 4-blade in 17 pitch is most likely going to work best. I think Marcus has some new 4-blades in the pipeline to try as well.  Exciting times!  Have fun with the new toy and keep us posted!

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Engine looks great on your boat! You are going to love it. I am up to 70 hours on mine and couldn't be happier with it. I am also glad to see that I am not the only one who polishes a trailer :D

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