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Slam day with Dino, reds, trout, snook. Dirty, dirty water but we managed a few. This critter on s Backwater Muddler.



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we had to work....all the wrong conditions....

Full moon

west wind a blowing

negative low followed by a 4 foot rise that got pushed in even faster with the west wind...


But, we worked the day....


We got behind an island and found some bait moving with a few blow ups......the water was about 2 feet and there were a few oyster bars..


tide was coming in and I had just hooked my 2nd red....an undersolt...and just as I was bringing in the little guy, don says, "Hey, I think I need to change out to a shrimp fly this fly is for snook"

And, bang....he was on...nice fight and of course, I did all the hard work....I took the pics and used the net to insure we got him on board :)

the Master Angle performed as always, ate the west wind chop like budd-da !!....had a batter problem at the ramp...even though my charger indicated it fully charged...so, next week will be checking the electrical....


Great day.....thanks again don...next trip in a few weeks.


i will clean up the pics you  emailed and send them over 



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