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She followed me home...

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Welp, drove up to Tampa yesterday afternoon to take a look at a 21 MA and guess what... It magically hooked itsself up to my truck and followed me home :D

Seriously though, im very happy with my purchase. Its a 2000 with a 2000 ox66 vmax 225. Came with a used-3-times Rocket aluminum double axle trailer too. 

It needs a little bit of work, but the engine is mechanically sound and it looks as if the stringers have already been done (current owner didnt know what PO did)

The stringers go all the way back to knees on the transom, which wasnt factory if I have read correctly. 


The work it needs - 

Trim tab actuators are dead, and I cant for the life of me figure out how to get the pin from the top of the actuator out to replace them... 

Needs rewired nav lights, bilge pump, livewell pumps. 

Will need new batteries in the near future, current ones are going on 5 years old I believe. Opinions on AGM vs lead? 

Prop needs to be reworked - or repropped... Havent been able to trim out at WOT due to the trim tabs being stuck down, but I believe this prop will do for the time being. 


What are some of your favorite things youve added to your MA's? 



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Welcome to the cult!

If the tabs are in recessed pockets, I think the top brackets need to be unbolted to remove the pin. I'd check the switch and wiring first, especially if both are dead.

 Re batteries,  I like the top tier AGMs such as  Odessey or Northstar  or Power x2 from Batteries Plus which is a rebadged Northstar. They last about 8 years or more and usually die slowly with plenty of warning. Also no outgassing to corrode terminals or nearby hardware.

Enjoy the new ride.

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Im pretty content with it! Of course a few more fixeruppers show up after thoroughly looking through the boat, but that was to be expected. Still pretty happy with what I got. 

Ill keep everyone updated as things go along! 

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