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Trolling motor size

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I’m looking at a Minn Kota i-pilot for my 95 hewes bayfish which is 18 ft. Online it looked like the 80 lb thrust was what is usually used for a boat this size. Is this right because I certainly don’t want to ever feel under powered after spending around $2000 on a trolling motor. Also for shaft length I was thinking the 54 inch, but I don’t really know. I do some backwater fishing from 1-3ft often and also fish docks in deeper water where there is sometimes big boat traffic and chop. I wouldn’t want the prop to come flying out of the water all the time because the shaft is too short. I also wouldn’t want a crazy long shaft the sticks off the side of the boat when not deployed.


Basically should I get the 54” or the 60” (doesn’t seem like much of a difference)

And should I get the 24v 80lb thrust or the 36v 112lb thrust (would the extra power be worth it, or is it overkill)

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27 minutes ago, SouthernWake said:

24v 80lb, 54 if remote or gps

That's what we put on our Redfisher 18.  Works like a champ and never any sense that it wasn't enough for wind or currents.

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