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HPX-V 17 battery switch

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Suggestions are appreciated for repairing or replacing the battery selector switch. The red knob just spins freely not engaging at each option - 1, 2, 1 and 2, off. So no power. Online I see switches from the OEM, BEP Marine however don’t see any with the panel on the right like in the pic.

Thanks in advance. 


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Blue seas issue. Call them and they will send you a new one. This was a big deal on the pathfinder side a while ago and they were supposed to fix it. I had both the battery and TM switch fail on my 2014 PF. I just had a buddy have the same problem this week on a 2016 boat so maybe it's not really fixed.

Blue Seas is easy to deal with. Give them the switch number.

Good luck

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