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2000 2200V Pathfinder - console coming loose

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I purchased a 2000 2200V about a year ago and recently noticed the screws that attach the center console to the deck are backing out and the console is starting to come loose a bit (rocks back and fourth slightly you push on it).  The holes for the screws look to be wallowed out a bit so, i was thinking I would just drill the holes out and replace all the screws with slightly larger screws and some 4200.  I was thinking 5200 but, ideally I would like the option to remove the console in the future if necessary. 

Has anyone ever run into a similar issue?  Would this fix work or do I need to go a step further and add some backing on the inside of the console to set the new screws into?




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I've tightened the screws\bolts (on my 2001 they are backed with nuts) and it took shoving my arm thru the hole in the deck till it was scratched and bloody (not much room between the tank and the console boss that sagged down)... but I was able to hold the nuts while my father tightened the screws. Putting in large bolts\screws could be done but get the nuts one would add another level of "fun" and would be difficult. If they are screws with no nuts going larger and using 5200 or 4200 would be good. A guy who used to post here a lot and an expert rigger Hobo had some advice I followed since owning the boat is to use machine screws with tapped the holes vs wood screws and I had good luck with it       

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