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2002 2200V Questions

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I just purchased a 2002 2200V and had a few questions for anyone with that year/model. Was it common for Pathfinder to only install one rod holder on the bow? I have one of the port side but not starboard, is there a reason you couldn't install one there? The front hatch on the port side goes all the way to the anchor locker but the starboard stops short, anyone know what this is? 


Any help would be appreciated, and if there are any other oddities or things to know on this year/model please chime in as well!



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After market rod holder makes sense, the ones on the console do have PF logos on them and that one doesn't. 

I understood the rod storage on the port side, but is there a reason they didn't keep the starboard side open to the bow, its not the side with the fuel fill. 

Thanks for y'alls replies! 

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