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Week of Maverick’s

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Nice work.  I hve a question for you, feel free to respond privately, but thought others may have similar questions.  


I have a very nice, custom platform on my 18 MA.  I would like to get a jackplate, but the platform would have to be taller to accomodate.  How hard is it to increase the height, and is there anyway to do it without impacting the aesthetics with mid-bar welds?  I cant think of a way, but thought Id see if you have something clever up your sleeve.


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You have to cut all four legs , at the top step , add the new legs , and make a new ring .

The downside of doing this is it increases the height between the top step and the platform .

The upside is it is cheaper than building a new platform .


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Forgot to show completed casting platform .

Measuring in @ 36”x32”, it’s probably the biggest platform to date .










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