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So the 20 ft Pathy is back

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I own a 2000v from 2011 with a 115 Yamaha on the back (this is my second season with it).  

I live up north and fish for about everything but primarily bass and walleye and Ive been fishing the Florida Keys in the spring for ten springs in a row and now haul the boat down  for fishing flats/bridge tarpon, cuda, shark etc. A 20 footer can run big water but seems much friendlier as far as storage/towing/price etc.  

Ultimately, I’m glad they brought back the 20 footer. However, I was hoping it would’ve had some options geared a bit more towards high performance/hard core fishing.  Like I was hoping rated for up to a 250 outboard, bigger livewell options, especially  legit full size rod lockers (offhand looks like a tiny space in rod locker like my current 2000v) etc. Also, it’s not bad idea to have a bit more space in the back cockpit but not so sure about a back deck a person can’t walk across. 

I do really like the inital looks of built in floor storage, jump seats, under gunnel access to long rods and some of the stuff they did.  It does seem like a nice fishing/family/play combo rig. 

I guess what I’m looking for is already really available in the 22’ plus options so sometime down the line that’s probably what I’ll go with when I decide to sell my 2000v sometime down the line. 

Personally, a bay boat is the most versatile/amazing boat made for a multi species angler.  I hope Pathfinder pursues dealers/sales up north for freshwater type markets more in the future.  

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On 8/1/2018 at 1:22 PM, slyshon said:

Not the same boat as the 20, not as wide and deeper. 


Glad to see a 20 back in the line up.

I recognize why the boat got deeper, higher freeboard, etc. (seaworthiness) yet I miss the long and low and sleek look of the "old" 20.  Very sleek, a good looking, slim behind and solid gunwales where a real midships cleat could be mounted.  She was just a sexy, sleek boat.  Of course, I was slimmer and sleeker back then as well...





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Nice looking rig with a lot of nice features for a 20 footer. Should check quite a few boxes for a lot of buyers. Agree with others about the back deck and not easily being able to walk across it. Wonder if Skip is thinking of someday adding in-floor storage compartment(s) to the 22TRS like they have here in the 2005 and the 22TE. Pic of the leaning post in the 22TRS gallery shows a floor locker but my guess the pic is from the 22TE. 

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On 9/7/2018 at 3:52 PM, bernieNC said:

Never been a fan of in floor storage. I use the salt water wash down all day long and they would just stay wet inside. (wet = mold).

I have to disagree. Love having as much storage as possible. Floor storage for me is cast nets, trash can, bumpers, kids beach toys. What ever can get wet. Also I'm OCD with my toys so I have never had mold issues on a boat. I'f i get it i clean it off ASAP.

Back to the thread. They did a nice Job with the 20'. I had an '07 and loved it. This is a whole another animal though. I see the market for it.

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