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Merc Rev 4 - 23 pitch // $400 + Shipping // Added Pics

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I JUST got this prop back from Leading Edge Propeller in Bradenton, FL and put about 7 minutes on it. It's just not going to run how I want to on my boat. I had Rich balance it and polish the trailing edges of the blades in hopes of picking up some RPM (it didn't). He also verified and corrected the pitch and it is a true 23 pitch on all 4 blades (2 were 23-3/4", 1 was 23-1/2" and 1 was 23" on the dot.  I did NOT have anything cut or removed as that's not my style; which is why I'm selling it rather than beat on it and make it something it isn't. 

I ran it on a 23 HPS with a 250 SHO and couldn't turn more than 5700 rpm at 61.7mph. I was hoping to pick up a few hundred RPM with the little work that was done, and didn't. If you have a 23 with a 300, this will run well for you....probably mid-upper 60's. I just can't swing it. 

Prop is located in Jacksonville, FL and I will ship on your dime.







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