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1973 bonefish

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I am new to the forum and to the Hewes Family. Recently purchased a 16 Bonefisher and have begun the re-hab process. The boat underwent some work in the early 2000s and is pretty solid. The transom seems to be in good shape and the gunnels are good except around rod holders. The bow deck has to be replaced and some rotten wood between the fishbox / cooler and the aft storage compartments. My biggest hurdle at this point is fuel. The boat was retrofitted with a 19 gallon aluminum tank located in the bow. This poses 2 problems: 1)I would like to have more fuel (between 25 and 30 gallons if possible) 2) Existing fuel tank completely fills the forward storage area. I am trying to figure out how to squeeze as much fuel under the deck as far forward as I can between the stringers. Has anyone attempted this before? If so any information would be greatly appreciated (i.e. tank demensions, volume, belly tank versus rectangle....). There is not much height to play with and this is the problem. I will post some pictures in the next day or so when I become a little more proficient with the website. Thanks for any input. 

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