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Bean Bag for Pathfinder 2200

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I was looking for a bean bag for my young son and also for adults that would fit my Pathfinder 2200. After endless research and talking with Ocean Tamer and E-Searider I still wasn't clear on what would work. I really wanted a teardrop for my son to be able to sleep on when he wanted to but the manufacturers recommended a wedge given the space available on the Pathfinder. The wedges sit more upright which is good for general cruising but does not accommodate sleeping as well. They also sit higher which would have put my son sitting about equal with the top of the sides which also did not appeal to me.

I researched the small teardrop but there was not much feedback available on them as most people seem to purchase the large or medium teardrop for larger offshore boats. I was concerned that my son would outgrow it too quickly and that it would not be useful for adults giving me less functionality. I ultimately decided to pull the trigger and try the small teardrop from E-Searider as the specs were a little larger than the Ocean Tamer version. I am happy with the choice as my son loves it and it keeps him lower in the boat which make me more comfortable as well as him. He fell asleep on it during our maiden voyage which validated the choice.

I also found it to be perfectly fine for adults as well. I have a medium build at 5'11" and around 200 pounds and it works just fine for me. I am not able to sink into it like you would on a larger version but I am still very comfortable. Other adults have also used it and liked the experience. I don't think you could fit anything bigger on the Pathfinder without going to a wedge style or placing it in front of the center console. Hopefully this post helps others who are going through the same process I was in trying to find a bean bag to fit a bay boat. Below are some pictures.




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Different boat (21 MA) but bean bags transformed the boat for cruising.  I need some better pics but I have two E-Searider small wedge bags that can be run between the gunnel and console or up in front of the console.  Because the 21 MA has such a wide gunnel I have no concerns of kids falling out.  They are very secure when sitting. 




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