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Trolling Motor Mount on 2003 17 HPX

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I bought a 2003 17 HPX about a week ago and had a couple of questions I’m hoping some of you might be able to help with. The boat is stock from the factory and has had no add ons. Original motor and original trailer, all in great shape. I feel like I have a really great clean slate to work from. So first question...it has the original pop up Nav lights on the bow and I’m trying to figure out the best way to mount a trolling motor. Is there a way to do this without having to remove the light and fiberglass the hole? I looked at mounting it offset on the side, but it will either block the hatch from opening, the push pole, or the gas cap. Anybody figure out anything creative to get around these lights?

Next, there is no shelf in the front hatch for a TM battery. Is the console the best place for this from a weight distribution and sturdiness standpoint or should I try to get the battery up front?

It has a 90 hp Yamaha 2 stroke and came with a 4 blade Powertech prop on it. I’m not smart on props but I know it would probably run better with a 3 blade. Is there a specific best all around 3 blade that some of you owners have found over the years for this motor?

Here’s a pic of the bow with the pop up Nav light I’m dealing with. The other pic is my idea of how to get around the light. I’m thinking I could mount the quick release on 1/4 inch rubber washers to clear the light. Thoughts on how secure this would be? First post, so sorry about the sideways pics. I’ll rotate if you tell me how.

Thanks for any feedback. I’ve been a long time reader on the forum and am stoked to have a Maverick now and be able to interact with some of you.E5CC37B8-C539-4061-9BBE-6CE03354FB00.thumb.jpeg.e72f92b86340667ad51693025194c797.jpegD3E6DA41-4120-46E5-A405-352C830529D5.thumb.jpeg.897da9d88469215e3e67d6c9832d9ea6.jpeg

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I  wouldn't use rubber to space the puck, look at starboard cut to the size you need to raise enough to clear the light. you can install the running lights port and starboard on the console and for get the pop up fixture.  Console is the best spot for the trolling batteries,if you can fit 2 in there.  I assume you are using a 24 volt system.  It will take some thought and planing. Others on here have the same boat and will chime i .  My boat is a HPX 15,so the size is somewhat different.  I do have 2 batteries in the console.

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