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2002 2200v deck cooler anchors issue

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Bought a "new to me" 2002 2200v. Have a problem with 1 of the cooler anchor points on the deck in front of the console.  It has dropped loose from the deck surface and is sort of falling into the deck. The biggest worry is that there is a large gap the is open for water to leak into the fiberglass floor as well as into the bilge.  I looked this weekend and the water was pooling on top of the fuel cell and it looks like it it has rusted the fuel gauge wires, which is not working currently.  Can I just epoxy the anchor point back into place and then seal and small gaps around the hole perimeter? Anyone else had this issue?


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I replied to your FB post. I filled mine in. Contact spectrum for a pre mixed epoxy that should match close. A small jar should do them all I think

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yes i also have this problem,been fighting the deck hardware always coming loose with vibration of boat,etc. i have 2011 22ft pathfinder.

i thought about removing it all and filling in with marine tex,then paint it,but maybe as suggested just fill in spaces with epoxy and see how that works.

would like to see/hear your results.

john watermeier




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