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Hello, all. I’m brand new to the MBG forum. I’ve checked out many of your posts leading up to my decision to buy this beauty...see photos.

Anyhow, as you can imagine it needs all new structural material, power, wiring, and accessories...the full Monty. But it’s a piece of history and I won’t be rushing it. So as we embark on this project, I will be leaning on everybody’s knowledge in here to help us bring this girl back to her former glory. Cheers!




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Update, I have stripped all hardware, the console, poling platform, cut the ill-devised front deck out to restore original shape, separated and flipped the top cap. Plenty of rotten wood there!

...looking for advice on the following:

Fiberglass tricks

Best filler/faring putty to use

coosa board use

building stringers

deck layout


power recommendation 


thanks in in advance for your insights!






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Man I need to check this section more often!

   SL let me know if you need any specs on an original  (89 or earlier) Hewes.  Just an FYI no poling platforms existed in 72 so you definitely have an aftermarket. But the original designer of the first poling platform has passed, but the builder of the first poling platform is still alive and still welding!  Keep us posted and I promise I will check in on this page!

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  You are in it for sure! It is a lot of work but the pride you'll feel upon accomplishment is worth it.  Get ready for all the comments at the boat ramp, traffic lights, etc. Because of the legacy those boats have many of people have a story about one and they just love the lines.

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