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Underwater dock/fish lights

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Considering the above, done a little research, and thought I'd request opinions/experiences from you guys.  Goal is primarily fish and bait attraction, asthetics second.  My dock has 3-4 ft of brackish water with avg clarity.   Would appreciate thoughts, things to consider and pros/cons.  Thank you as always.


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Had one for sometime, thoughts:

1. Suspended above seafloor so sediment doesn't collect on light. Ones sitting on bottom get covered.

2. Bulb has to generate enough heat to keep sea growth off. LED may need frequent cleaning compared to HID or halogen ones. 

3. Color most common, popular, easy on eyes is green but reality any color attracts bait then fish, so color personal preference. Bulb was actually white but in St Pete water and phytoplankton here, color looked green.

4. Had mine with dusk to dawn photocell and monthly bill maybe $5/month more

5. Will need GFCI in plug or dock outlet.

6. Be prepared for the fish AND night fishermen they attract including their hooks, tackle, night noise, boat dings from end tackle if light near or under boat and lift, night security issues that they bring.

7. Last listed is reasons I didn't replace mine when bulb went out.


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