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1991 Hewes Redfisher 18 with kevlar hull

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I cannot seem to find correct info on this boat in one place. One place says kevlar boats were super redfishers. Once place doesn't list Kevlar as an option to select what boat it is. I've read so much about the boat in so many different forums but none of the info matches one forum to the next Ive decided this must be the place to get the best info.  I am buying sight unseen from family.......They promise its in great shape.......its been 10 years since I've seen the boat.....(I've been down this road before) but love the challenge of restoration and now get to go through it on a hewes.  Can anyone give me the basics or point me to the right topic to get started. Im looking for what are the classic issues this hull had if any that I should look for? Its had a 1994 yamaha 2 stroke 115 on it since 1994. been kept on a trailer its whole life pretty much. Open to any and all advice. Cant wait to get started sorry I don't have any pictures yet but any info you can share will be helpful to me in my search for info until it gets here and help me to be ready to get started. Thanks again. 


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