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Costa Del Mar - 3 pairs

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I have three pairs of Costas, all in various stages of being broke or already broke. Costa will replace at $50/pair with brand new glasses or you can tell them you want another style and they "should" replace with another frame, at least they told me they would but this would be at your own risk. All are 580G, dont think you can switch the lens type or color out.

- Permit (black) new frame style where they say the rubber won't peel off. Cracked right at the nose piece, lenses are perfect, only wore these modern marvels of Chinese craftsmanship three times before they broke. $50 plus shipping.

- Permit (black) old frame style, rubber has been superglued and half of it is missing. Lenses are fine. $50 plus shipping.

- Fisch (blackout) old frame style, rubber has been superglued, ear piece is missing about the last 1/3, broke right off. Lenses are fine. $50 plus shipping

I can send them in for warranty work and have them replaced, so they would be brand new glasses but the cost would be $150 plus shipping to the buyer when I got them back, only because I have to deal with Costa. I have no use for them, tired of dealing with Costa, switching to Smith.




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