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H2O Leaking In Hatch Hardware

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My new boat (to me) is 10 years old and leaky in multiple locations. One leak I didn’t expect is directly thru the hatch handles when it rains. The incoming water finds its way down into the bilge and necessitates dumping water to start the boating trip. FRUSTRATING! Is the solution just new 4200 in the mechanism? It looks like something similar was originally use there. 

Btw...I am so fortunate to have you all guiding me in my journey to get this flats boat right. I had a 21’ Mako CC for 25 years and didn’t have nearly this many little headaches to work thru. I guess the previous owner didn’t invest much time keeping up with all of this!

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I think you are talking about the twist latches on the deck hatches.Take the latch apart and see if there are o rings on the shaft. That's where they typically leak. You can get the o rings at ACE Hardware. a little lube on the shaft helps

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