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Bobs Jackplate Motor replacement

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Im posting this just as an FYI incase someone else has this problem. My BMS jackplate motor finally took a crap after 17 years of service (boat is an '01). I did some looking around on the web and I found the motor from BMS for 160 bucks. Most other places only sold the whole motor/pump/reservoir assembly which was a few hundred. I knew the pump was simply a mercury/mercruiser trim unit, and after some browsing I found a replacement for 60 bucks with free shipping from DB Electrical.


Bobs uses some big stainless flat head screws to mount the pump assembly to their aluminum mounting bracket, so of course those were seized in place and I used an impact screwdriver to break them free. I then had to dremel off the two  5mm screws that attach the motor to the pump. The motor is an exact replacement and for now I am back up and running and saved 100 bucks or so.

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