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Budget dash redo

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Been pecking away at this in between other projects. When I got this boat it had good bones but I needed to get it cleaned up and  organized. Amungst other things, I redid wiring, added a powerpole and cleaned up this disater of a dash. First pic is what I started with and then what it looks like now. I already had the siimrad GPS so just reused the Lawrence bottom machine rather than dropping a lot of $ of something right now and keep eveything inexpensive til I can figure out what I really want. The windshield was cracked horribly so I just cut it down and plastidipped it and cut a piece of PVC board across the front so it makes top of console kinda enclosed for phones, speaker etc 

I then filled all holes with epoxy, sanded  covered with sea deck I had laying around. Put a lil piece in middle to hang some hooks and stuff on....I have a compass @BradM gave me laying around somewhere that I’ll put on top center when I find it. 

I had a lot of it laying around but had to spend $12 for the plasti dip and the PVC board 😊



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Just noticed I still gotta screw switch panel back in too 

This is my first time using pvc board and seems like it might be a lil harder to keep clean than starboard. I might pull it back off and plastidip it black as well if so. It really comes out nice. 

Ended up doing two cuda customs double cup holders on t top legs freeing up the top of dash where I was gonna put them. They seems really nice so far 






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4 hours ago, whichwaysup said:

nicley done.  that plasti dipped windshield looks nice!

Thanks. I did it to my 1900 windshield as a temp measure to fit into garage and it turned out so good I never changed it. 

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