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HPX T power pole install advice

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Hello all

(Moved from General forum hopefully to get more responses)

I searched all over the interweb and this forum for answers to my question but came up empty

specifically I was looking for info on how to DIY a power pole install on my 2005 HPX T. It current has a PP Micro which is essentially useless in Texas. 

First, does everyone recommend to transom  mount?

if so how do you get to the transom to through bolt the PP on since the rear well has a wall separating it from the actual transom itself. Do you have to cut a hole? I’m not too keen on cutting a hole that big in the well wall.

or should I just bite the bullet and get it professionally installed although I’m a little worried about getting that done in North TX where they don’t work in Mavericks hardly ever.

all opinions and info much appreciated


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your transom should have a metal plate in the starboard side of the transom between the motor and the trim tab this can be drilled and tapped for the mounting.  I just put a power pole on my HPX micro which has the same transom configuration.  I have the images from maverick  pm me and I can email to you. 


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My 01 HPX T didn't have any mounting plate in the transom. You could check with Maverick on your 05'. I thru bolted it  all the way through the transom into the well using 316 stainless threaded rod in 7/16". Bought it on eBay and not too expensive. I used lock nuts on both ends with a 1/4" aluminum backing plate on the inside and a 3/4" Starboard plate on the outside. I felt the Starboard made it easier to seal the holes and the PP base was not directly on the gel coat. Trickiest part is drilling through the transom straight. It's probably 12" thick, with a foam core. You could check to see if a PP mounting plate is available for your engine, but I recall I couldn't find one for my Yamaha 70 2 stroke. Sold the boat and can't send you pics. The rigid outside surface of your transom is not very thick. I wouldn't mount to that. Best to go all the way through with a backing plate on the inside. I hope this helps.


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