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2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

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Gus- I hope the newly hired shop can get this simple repair completed with quality workmanship in a time efficient manner. As we’ve discussed previously, I realize money doesn’t grow on trees but people usually always get what they pay for when it comes to this kind of specialty work. 

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Stopped by the shop today to see what they were talking about.  Ill be darned.  that spot is right under where the stringer broke loose.   Here is the pic of the area when the gelcoat was removed, and then what was left after the loose pieces of glass came loose.   I think we can say that something hit the hull pretty darned hard, and based on the fact it is right under the stringer, I think this explains the issue far better than a lurking manufacturing defect that took 17 yrs to show up.  




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Some additional pics of the work done so far.   Got a text over the weekend that the work on the bottom is just about done.   He is addressing some gel coat gouges and chips on the bottom, and an area of the seachest that had an airpocket in the fiberglass when the boat was manufactured.   Some of these are pics from earlier on in the process, some are current.   

Some re-rigging, rewiring, replumbing should begin this week prior to the deck going back on.   So:


- 100 hr service completed, new impeller, new spark plugs, new filters, flushed/replaced lower unit oil.

- Replaced seals in lower unit

- Upgraded poppet valve to the "mushroom" shaped kit to keep it from sticking.



- New hubs,

- New springs (last year)

- ground down all surface rust from axle and winch - repainted with galvanized paint.

- Polished/sealed aluminum

- next stop:  new tires


Boat - structural repairs: (last year)

- stringers ground down (both sides)

- Retabbed/reinforced (both sides)

- stringers extended/tied to transom knees

- Drainage channels created to allow water to flow to bilge (from area outside stringers)

Hull  bottom

- crack in strake ground out/re-glassed

- impact point ground down/re-glassed

- all gelcoat cracks ground down, inspected, repaired.

- all plastic through hulls replaced with stainless and/or brass fittings.

- bilge drain removed, cleaned, re-sealed



- New bilge and livewell pumps

- wiring inspected - will be replaced/re-wired after boat completion

- new fuel sender


Next up:

- inside hull to have high density closed cell foam mounted for sound dampening and strength (for areas outside of stringers), water channels installed.

- tabs to be installed and additional access port created in dry storage area to allow deck to be re-attached/re-glassed on top and bottom.  

- dry storage box to be glassed/put back in one piece

- splashwelll hatch to be enlarged for easier access

- Lines run in rigging tube to pull new wires at a future date

- boat re-rigged/made water ready

- re/wiring, new switch panel, house battery to be moved to console (after boat completion).













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44 minutes ago, JEM said:

Looks like you will be back in the water sooner than later! 

The shop thinks end of the month is possible - we'll see.  Been down this road a looooooooooonnnnng time, so we'll get her done when we get her done.   Very pleased with the work so far - the shop contacts me daily for progress updates.    I'll be way upside down in the thing, so I guess it stopped being a financial decision a long time ago.   Just want her done right.  When she's done is secondary.

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12 hours ago, hurricane said:

The light at the end of the tunnel is coming into sight. Looking good.

LOL Gabe, sometimes I wonder if that light at the end of the tunnel is just another train!   This has been a hecknof a journey personally.   In a lot of ways, its been a blessing, but I am ready for it to be over.    I have stopped thinking about the project getting finished and am just happy as long as it is moving forward and the work done on it is quality work.   

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Stopped by to see the patient today.  Part 1 of the job is done now.   Everything looks good.  Some new progress:

- the bottom is repaired,

- chips fixed,

-  seachest air pocket ground down, repaired and cheesegrater refitted flush.

- the baitwell has now been fully repaired - it cracked when the deck was removed and it was put on the ground with the drain pipe still on the bottom.   

- the cut for the new, larger access hatch has been made and the hatch will be installed when the deck is put back together - thanks Hurricane for the lead on that hatch.

Now on to part 2. . .We talked through the best way to put her back together and he had some good thoughts:

1)  He is going to add another layer of matt to the inside of the hull bottom on the portions  external to the stringers, then use high density foam sheets to both dampen and reinforce the area further.    He will run pvc pipe channels to allow water to drain into the bilge (these will run lengthwise and connect to the pvc drains that we ran through the extended stringers).  On the starboard side, where the rod tubes extend back from the cockpit, he will use the same high density foam sheets to form a support (attached perpendicularly to the side of the boat and vertically from the bottom) and keep the tubes in place.  These had been supported by the 2 part foam that was poured in when the boat was built, but was removed to get the deck off.   The first two pics show a rough idea of what I'm talking about here.

2)  He has great access to the bottom of the deck on the port side, but the starboard side (only a few inches due to the hatch location) will be a challenge.  He will attach tabs on that side before reattaching the deck.  He had a clever plan for ensuring the deck is extremely strong on that side, which I can show/explain when we get there.  Suffice to say that if this boat ever has a tree land across it (like Nags first MA), right at this seam, it will break everywhere else, but not where its being put back together.  The last three pics give you an idea of what the deck re-attachment will entail, bu they are not current pics.

Then plumbing goes back in with new, all metal through hulls, then she gets wired up, then the fun begins putting the deck back together.






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