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The FWC also discussed the future of Gulf red snapper management in state and federal waters, including a proposed fishery-management pilot program (also referred to as an Exempted Fishing Permit) that would allow the FWC to manage all recreational red snapper harvest caught in Gulf state and federal waters off Florida in 2018 and 2019. The pilot program is pending approval by NOAA Fisheries and would set the harvest season for recreational anglers fishing from private vessels in state and federal waters of the Gulf, and would also include for-hire operations that do not have a federal reef fish permit and are limited to targeting reef fish in Gulf state waters only.

The FWC discussed a potential 24-day season in Gulf state and federal waters as a jumping off point for a 2018 season proposal. This season length has potential to change.

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Do the research. It is a coming agreement if it happens. This is just not for Florida.

Tell Scott Deal thank you.  NMFS can keep their money. They have a proven track record of failure on fisheries issues. They have a least proven that over the years.

A good reason is to look at the department of interior that manages land based animals. NOAA, the department of Commerce is not who I care to have oversee our natural resources.

It would not  work out well for the Buffalo/ Deer/ Turkeys and such.>:(


Just look at what group gave ownership with no cost's involved to that ownership of many specie in the GOM. It was based on accountability to the few that created the over fishing to begin with. Yep, the ones with the  most destructive gear and practices got the lion share of the quota gifted to them  free of charge. They have it, own it and will sell it just like a bunch of a words not allowed on here.

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