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New Hewes 18 Redfisher Walk Through

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Skip, I saw the 16RF at the Boat Show in Vero Beach. Well done!! I like the gas tank up forward and the console is well designed for battery installation. Getting rid of the fold-up seat was a great idea. I don't know many RF owners who have them, actually use them. When I have kids on a charter, I use the seat for their safety, but for adults, it is always folded down.

I'm very impressed that the RF has been returned as a true fishing skiff. Again... well done!

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I hated the fold down seat because the storage was a pain to get to. I took an unconventional approach and removed the seat, raised the coaming wall and made it into an easily accessible storage box. It is not totally dry storage, but it suits my need pretty well. See pictures below.






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