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92 18MA Restore, Gunnel Rod Holders

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Looking into reducing or even eliminating the gunnel rod holders on my 92 MA. It seems to me that they are not really structural. The rod holder doesn't support the the top deck or maybe the foam was so degraded or replaced at some point, either way they are not glassed in and there is air between the deck and rod holder. Does it support the hull sides?


So what I want to do is replace them with something similar to what Maverick is using, like these download.jpg.d256d510ae1827efa3100cca19693eff.jpg



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Have not gotten that far, still contemplating on what to do. I don't see how its structural in any way. When I pull the cap I would work on the tub from the bottom since there are so many glass repairs to do and make the decision then.

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