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Ron in Atlanta

Motor is Shaking when Trimmed Up?

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OK, it's been a little chilly here in the Southeast.  Boat has been sitting for almost a month, a record for non-use.  Got some decent weather yesterday, took her up to the Tennessee River near the Hiawassee Wildlife Refuge.  Thousands of Sand Hill Cranes are in town for the Crane Festival this weekend, thought I would take a few photos.

First surprise...


a little ice in Big Possum Creek. Now I know how the Titanic's Captain must have felt.

Saw some nice cranes...





A surprise group of White Pelicans


and the usual Bald Eagles



Take a close look.  What is that in his back?  

First thought, a broken off arrow.  Too thin.  A radio transmitter (I hoped).  Called the Tennessee DNR, sent them the photos, they confirmed, a tracking device.  I saw the eagle take off and land a few times, the device did not seem to hinder his movements.

Now, here's the boat question.  Everything ran and worked well despite the month layoff BUT at about 4000 rpm, trimmed the motor up and at about 3 or 4 bars on the "Trim-O-Meter", the motor began to shake.  Nothing too radical but very noticeable.  Prop and lower unit pristine, no weeds, etc.  Trimmed back down, smooth as can be, trimmed back up and same shake after 3 bars.  Once out of the water, checked the hydraulic rams for tightness, seems OK.

She will be going in for Spring (300 hour) work over but I am very curious as to what is causing the shake.  Any thoughts??

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Amazing pics Ron.....wow, these are some great photos.  

On the motor shaking....hard to say, but normally when I've had shaking with the motor..it's been either a gas problem or not all cylinders firing problem.( spark plugs or coils) ...but, extremely hard to say without being there. I know you will have it running smooth as single malt Scotch very shortly.

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 That eagle photo is a amazing shot. I wonder if something in the wire harness going into the front of the motor is moving when the motor angle changes with trim . May be worth your time to do a visual inspection and look at the harness than trim to the spot that you notice the shake and see if it looks like any connections move , are non tight or have corrosion . Hope its something simple .

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Ron, when you say TRIM..are you meaning the Jackplate? 

BTW, great shots as always....

How about a bit of pixel peeping and some EXIT data :)

Camera, lense, F stops, ISO, etc.


Send me a PM when you are coming to FLA...maybe we can do a backcountry Photo day....I'll bring along Capt DonH and he can try and catch a fish or two while we take along cameras......I"ll run you around the back of Choko or Flamingo.




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4 hours ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

Ron, when you say TRIM..are you meaning the Jackplate? ...

Camera, lense, F stops, ISO, etc.


Hey Dino,

No jackplate, by trim, I mean tilting the motor up a few degrees.  Reading the bars on the gauge that shows amount of tilt, going beyond 3 or 4 bars is when the problem starts.  Never used to do this - in the past, trimming way too far may have resulted in cavitation but that was way beyond this angle.  This "shake" feels just like it would if you picked up a heavy weed on one blade of the prop.  You know what I mean, you put her in reverse, the weed goes away and she is smooth running again. In this case - no weeds, just unexplained shake.  I'll take her in in a few weeks after the Atlanta Boat Show which has all the dealers too busy right now to help out.

Still shooting with a Nikon D610 full sensor camera as primary, my wildlife lens is now a Sigma 180 - 600mm Sport lens.  I laughed when the General Manager of the largest camera shop in Atlanta recommended it to me.  "That's like driving a Ferrari and putting $100 tires on it" I said.  "No, the old man retired and his kids are running Sigma now.  They are turning the company from a cheap replacement lens supplier into a quality lens company".  I was still skeptical so he had the Sigma factory rep bring one to Atlanta for me to try on my camera.  The only birds around Buckhead are pigeons, so I dropped some corn in the parking lot before I walked in.  By the time I got back out, a bunch of pigeons had showed up and I took a few photos, along with a license plate about a quarter of a mile away and a few distant signs.  Got them up on the computer and all were sharp as a tack.  "ORDER ME ONE"!  He did and this was the actual first shot I took with it...




A few more from that first trip...




The day in on the Tennessee River was cloudy and dull.  The eagle was shot at f 8.0 which is the sweet spot for this lens, 1/800 sec, ISO 400, focal length, the full 600mm.  Hand held, no mono-pod.  If, 7 years ago, anyone had ever told me I would be hand holding a 600mm lens IN A BOAT and getting sharp images, I would have thought him nuts.  I shoot in RAW now.  When you can buy a 3 terabyte hard drive for $100, why not shoot 50 meg photo files with ALL the information on there.

Here is the difference that a sunny day makes by the way...


I would love to spend some time with you locals down in the ENP.  Early spring most likely, I'll send a PM or give ya a call.

Happy New Year.

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50 MG files....holy Mega files Batman !!!

Great shots as always......

Sigma...amazing how far they have come...I've been out of shooting for a while as I don't have the time for the post work and miss it......travel and work have been overwhelming along with normal "life" things....


I did shoot a few over the holidays of my daughter's lab....I took out the Strobes and black background and had a bit of fun...







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