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Shimano Essence Reel G Loomis Rod

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Okay so Santa was good but still need a few things and my luck improved this year so parting with few things I haven't used and probably will not.

1. Been hanging onto a combo that II should have sold already lol since I have been tempted to use but thus far have not. It is the newest reel from Shimano too I think! It is the Shimano EXS4000MXG Exsence Spinning Reel. Asking 440.00 which is over 100 bucks off retail as Shimano thinks highly of their new releases I guess. New in box but I did open that sucker to oogle at it!



Tempted to spool it and use it but everything I use these days is 2500 series and while this is as light almost as my Ci4+'s  it is more than I would use often enough to keep it probably.   Seems to get good reviews but she's a high end set up heading into the Stella range.

2. Also have G. Loomis GLX Spinning Rod 7'1" Med Hvy 853S JWR with split butt grip


If I keep anything it would be the rod as it was paired with the Exsence but I priced to sell seperately. I could work out a combo discount of sorts if picked up in person as it likely doesn't save me much on shipping.  They are north of 440 bucks new so asking 340.00 if picked up. New in shrink wrap still.


3. This one is spoken for - I also have a G. Loomis E6X Spinning Rod 7'1" Medium 852S JWR with split butt grip that was a raffle prize this past year. 189.00 retail it looks like so asking 100 bucks if picked up.  New and unused but someone opened the shrink wrap to display it at the raffle.


The plan is to sell a couple of these and build a couple to go with a pair I already have. 









Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.33.05 AM.png


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Ok...let me see if I can get someone close to pick-up for me .....I come that way on business, but it may be a couple of weeks....text me address and I'll go ahead and send the check

407 509 2476

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