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WTB Skiff under $10k

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11 hours ago, Forgottencoast said:

I am happy to say that I just parked a PRISTINE 1993 Hewes Bonefisher w/ a 2013 Etec 90 in my garage tonight. Thanks everyone for the advice and tips.  Even stayed under budget:-) to everyone looking out there, be patient and don’t be afraid to make offers. You never know what might happen. 

What a great find!  Nice setup with the Etec 90 too.  Congratulations!

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Congrats...looks like a good deal....

I see you have an ezloader under it....keep and eye on the axel...on the forum, my buddy Conocean saved my ARSE by bugging about changing out my torsion axels as they were fairly old and rusted....he was darn right....

NOTE: For any replacement, you must use an EZloader axel as they don't have a generic axel...the new ones are all oil bath, but, my setup here at AMES was only $1200 with centering bunks...







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