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Finally got her back

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We had a little boy come in October so I figured nov and dec would be a perfect time to have some stuff done to my boat. I had a ttop added over leaning post for some much needed shade and life jacket storage. I also had some pipe work reworked to give me a little extra clearance for keeping it in my shop by I was about an inch or 2 from fitting under the door. The last things were new led spreader lights front and back ,and a new “foot” welded on the bottom of tower legs to spread the weight a little better. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. If anyone needs anything done I recommend Adam at All Aluminum Concepts in Jacksonville. I’ve got a little glass work and gel coat touch up to do now. Next up.....seadek 





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25 minutes ago, SCFD rtrd. said:

Good timing and nice shade for the little guy.

Thanks, my bride has been clamoring for it since we got the boat a year ago for her and our five year old. Most likely I will be sent upstairs to navigate and they can all be in the shade

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Thanks for the compliments fellas,

This is my first tower boat and I don't think Ill ever have one without it. The view is legit, the second station is 83" off of the floor. We tripletail a good bit here in SE Ga and it has been a gamechanger. I cant wait for them to show back up in a few months.

The glass guy is coming by to do my touchups on the floor in 2 weeks and then I'm going to Seadek it. Having the boat next door at my shop is proving to be tough, all I do is walk over and deliberate on the next boat mod

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5 minutes ago, SCFD rtrd. said:

I know what you're saying. When my boat is not at the condo, it's in my shop at home. Sometimes I just sit my boat and wonder what improvements I could make.

Ha, happens a whole lot. I’ve got so many piddly things to do from having to store outside for a year. Laundry list of buffing, cushions redone, etc. ......but I enjoy it. Gotta get it all done so I can start getting some more slime on her

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