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Older Bonefishers

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Hey everyone, I’ve been lurking this forum for about 6 months now- looking at boats in the classifieds mostly. I am finally at the point where I am ready to buy for the most part.  I’ve been looking at a lot of older 16’ bonefishers that seem to be in my price range (<10k).  I fish mainly from panacea-st George/apalachicola area in the panhandle.  Mostly fly fishing/sightfishing but also fish live bait when pilchards are in. 


Will there be be any setbacks as far as this hull goes?  Are the livewells on these boats capable of keeping pilchards alive? What is a real world draft for these with a 90 Yamaha 2strk?  Planning to spend a lot of time on the pole sightfishing, but keep in mind I am a young buck and don’t mind having to work a little harder than most. 

Any other hulls I should be taking a look at that would be in my price range?


Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance



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As a past owner of a '98 Bonefisher I would not rate the live well as very good for serious live bait fishing. Now I'm comparing it to the Pathfinder's bait well. The engine/draft question with two on board and balanced front to back you are looking at 8", maybe a light load just less. I always found when it got to where the boat would hit bottom and I was trying to leave a flat or push to a little deeper water I would have the wife stand on the gas filler. Tilted the boat to a more flat bottom which would gain that extra inch of draft. I've said it before, I wish I had my Bonefisher back, loved that boat!

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