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Newest member of the family!

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About a month ago I finally became part of the Lappy family!! I got a 1995 Hewes Bayfisher with a 2001 Yamaha 150 HPDI Vmax. The boat is super solid but has been neglected and needs a decent amount of work... This is my first boat project/restoration that I have ever attempted and I am beyond excited! 

So far I have rebunked/rewired the trailer, stripped all the old wiring/junk out and scrubbed every inch to make sure there were no fiberglass problems i missed before. Next I am going to attempt some minor fiberglass repairs (screw holes, etc) and then rewire the boat. I have never done any fiberglass or electrical work so any pointers (or prayers) are welcome!! :D

I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone!!! 

Thanks,    Chris




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