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2014 2200 TE 250SHO

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I've got a 2014 2200 TE and absolutely think this is one of the best all around setups. I've owned it for about a year and it has about 210-220 hours on it currently. I'm think its worth about 52k but can some of y'all tell me your thoughts on the value of it? Its got all powder coated metal, a new Garmin 1242 xsv, fresh/ raw water wash downs, loaded out with options.... I just rebuilt the trailer over the last few days. 

Pathfinder Ramp3.jpg


Pathfinder Vmax.jpg

Pathfinder Ramp2.jpg

Pathfinder Ramp1.jpg

Pathfinder GPS:Sonar Pic.jpg

Pathfinder Gauges.jpg

Pathfinder Pic2.jpg

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