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1998 17 HP

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Can anyone give me any info on how an 1998 17 HP performs and how all the holes in the hatches drain water, I understand they only did that for one year in manufacturing? I'm thinking about buying one. I currently own the 21' Master Angler. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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That's a nice boat. Its quiet and easy to pole, and rides great due to the V.

Its a 2 man attack craft.

Its cap is smaller than the Mirage II that followed it. I do like the HP's rear deck layout better, and it has a larger center well, but don't plan on putting any quantities of bait in there. no pumps, just holes. Mainly for shrimp and crabs.

I never understood the hatch drain holes, not the best design, but they work well enough (its not really a bait boat).

But know this ...  it is tippy and drafts more than you would think, my guess is 9+. I didn't mind the tippyness, totally manageable, but it did bother some others caught offgaurd.

My friends went 43 with a yam 90 2 stroke w/17 pitch 3 blade, and had a nice comfortable cruise.


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Great to hear, thanks for the input. Also owned a skimmer skiff which was tippy but yes you get used to it.  I also like the lay out of the  deck sort of like my Master Angler. After I pick it up taking it to the Skiff Shop to get re-wired should look brand new when done.

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