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Brutal start, but it came together nicely

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Hosted some guys from around the state for the a first annual trout fest, hoping to cash in on the fall run.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't want to cooperate.  35 degrees and 20 mph winds. . . And a pre dawn start. .   . Rough combination.  


3 boats and 8 guys headed out and we struggled all morning beforegarding locking in on a pattern that led to every boat limiting out plus a few.  Managed to mix in some striper and a nice flounder as well.  Best fish was 23.75 and I managed one slightly over 21.  Multiple 20's and lots 20171111_103502.thumb.jpg.d952b9be896000d84261d83829256603.jpgof 18-19s.





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I got my @$$ Kicked this morning. NNE wind COLD! Managed a few dink flounder, no trout to speak of either. 

I did however have the blue bote in some SKINNY water, like no business being there skinny. She floated just fine and I was impressed. While in that shallow ditch, I spooked a big flounder. Looked like an aquarium and it was a nice sight.

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