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Snook/ Jack / Tarpon Fly Set up

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I have a stable of GLoomis rods and Nautilus reels. If you’re going to be a casual fly fisherman I would go more on the economy side and not sacrifice much if any in performance. Try TFO rods and Orvis Hydro reels. I have an old, old TFO rod that works about as good as any I’ve tried. With that combo you can get a good set up for less than $600. A comparable set up with Loomis or Sage with a Natilus reel will run you about $1400 or more , depending on rod/ reel model. Before you add backing and a $90fly line.

Maybe try to find a reasonable deal on some preowned gear.

Welcome to the obsession.


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yep, you will love to hate this and hate to love it.  managed to get my flyline caught around both my trolling motor and my main engine props on Saturday, simultaneously.  That experience helped me learn some new four letter words.  I seriously looked away for 10 seconds and suddenly my motors were weaving Christmas sweaters with my fly line.  


I would second Don H advice, particularly on the used stuff.  a lot of online flyshops take in trades and a used top of the line fly rod casts as well as a new one!


I have had good luck with American Legacy Fishing inc.  You have to search their site a little but I got a used Loomis from their trade in program that has been great and I saved a ton of money by getting it used.  Maybe I am just getting old but spending 5-600 on a fly rod just seems wrong when there are folks starving to death.  I guess they still starve when I spend 200, though, so probably just veiled stinginess on my part!

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